Evil Eye Meaning & Jewelry: Curse, Protection & History

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You’ve probably seen an evil eye necklaces before. This jewelry is very popular in virtually every area of the world. The eyes are often referred to as, “evil eyes”. For anyone that doesn’t understand the history and meaning behind the evil eye, calling the jewelry evil eye jewelry can be confusing and misleading.

It is easy to assume that evil eye jewelry symbolizes something evil, but that actually is not the case at all. It is almost the exact opposite, actually. The purpose of evil eye jewelry is as protection from evil. Especially, this jewelry is made as protective objects against a curse known as evil eye.

Evil Eye Meaning: The Curse

The curse of the evil eye is deeply ingrained into human culture. This is so true that nearly every culture, region, and even religion believes in some form of the curse. While the evil eye meaning certainly varies some among different cultures and regions, the basis is pretty simple. The concept of the evil eye curse is that a malicious look can curse the receiver of the look.

This is supposed to be particularly true when the person receiving the look is unaware of it. Again, depending on the specific culture and beliefs, the curse of the evil eye may only result from a malicious glare that stems specifically from envy. However, some cultures do believe that the curse can come from any bad look given regardless of the emotions behind the look or if the person receiving the look actually knows that they are getting it.

What is really fascinating about the whole concept of the evil eye curse is that some cultures believe that only certain people are able to bestow the curse onto someone. Certain cultures believe that the ability to curse with the evil eye is stronger in some people than others. This may be mostly random, or it can be attached to a specific characteristic. For example, in the Mediterranean area, it is believed that people that have blue eyes have a stronger ability to cast the evil eye curse on someone else.

Evil Eye Jewelry - evil eye symbol
Evil eye symbol

Interestingly, the ability to cast this curse is often seen as a bad thing – not just to others but to the actual person that is cursing others. The problem is that casting the evil eye curse on someone may not always – or ever – be intentional. Some believe that the curse simply happens without those people that are cursing others having any control or intention.

How bad the curse is can be random, or it may be associated with the severity of the emotion behind the evil eye curse or the strength of the person’s ability to cast it – whether intentional or not. The most common belief is that the curse stems from envy, or jealousy, and can cause the person that becomes cursed to lose their good fortunate – whatever that may be.

For example, if someone receives the evil eye curse because the person that cursed them is jealous of their beautiful hair, the curse may cause their hair to all fallout or become grey. The results of the curse can range from mildly inconvenient to completely devastating. Some even believe the evil eye curse can kill! (We don’t!)

Protection from the Evil Eye

While fear of the evil eye curse is very real and strong amongst many cultures, protection from the curse is usually relatively simple. The most common form of protection is to wear some form of an eye talisman such as a necklace or ring. The eyes featured in the talismans are most commonly bright blue jewelry pieces with a simple and symmetrical shape. However, they can be found in many different shapes and colors.

While the point of the jewelry is to actually ward off the evil eye curse, the eyes on the jewelry itself are often referred to as evil eyes. The eye is sometimes used outside of jewelry such as to place on a home for additional protection. However, it is definitely most commonly made into jewelry. There are many different forms of this type of jewelry but the one thing that they all have in common is the presence of an eye.

Evil Eye Jewelry - hamsa Hand
Hamsa hand

The eye is usually the focal point if not the only thing included in the jewelry. Sometimes, there are other versions, though, such as the Hamsa is another protector against the evil eye. The Hamsa is a hand-shaped talisman that features 5 fingers as well as an eye that is usually right at the center of the hand or center of the palm of the hand.

The History of Evil Eye

The curse of the evil eye seems to be one of the longest-lasting legends of human culture. Evidence suggests that it dates all the way back to the Paleolithic era. It was an integral part of many ancient civilizations. It was strongly feared among ancient Egyptians and other groups from the same time period and it wasn’t long before people across most cultures began to seek ways to protect themselves and their family from it.

The oldest evil eye talismans that have been discovered date back all the way to 3300 BC. These ancient evil eyes are found in what is now Syria. The specific area is a place once called Tell Brak. This is a city that is quite old even amongst the other cities of what was then Mesopotamia. These talismans, possibly the first evil eyes ever made, were white alabaster. Sometimes they were very abstract and definitely completely different than the symbol we now see as most popular today.

From that point on, different versions of the evil eye jewelry and idols have been found in all different areas of the world and from all time periods. The basic concept of the curse remains true throughout the many cultures and times and regions where it exists. This is very impressive considering the way things usually evolve and change over time. Even the evil eyes themselves have remained relatively consistent throughout most of their long history.

Evil Eye Jewelry - evil eye history

However, the blue you see in most evil eyes today first came around 1500 BCE – a long time after the time of the oldest known evil eyes. Once this color did show up, though, it really stuck around. The original blue evil eyes seem to have come from Egypt. They used mud to create their pieces, baked them and glazed them for the finished products. The blue ended up coming out because of the elements found in the mud.

Specifically, copper and cobalt created the blue color when the mud was baked. Later, the Aegean Islands were able to create beautiful blue glass beads with the eyes on them. This was thanks to improvements in how glass was produced. Trade brought the blue glass beads all over spreading even to far-reaching places in the world.

Nowadays, while the belief in the curse and a need to protect from it is still alive and well in many places and cultures, it is also used as an accessory strictly for fashion purposes. There are even fashion designers with specific lines based off the evil eye.

Jewelry We Love!

Jewelry featuring evil eyes is an integral part of human history and a fascinating and versatile part of modern-day society now. Whether you actually believe in the curse and the ability of the evil eye charms to protect from the curse, this symbolic jewelry can make an interesting piece and even an excellent conversation starter. Check out some of the different types of jewelry you’ll find below and you can even see some cool examples that you can purchase for yourself!

1. Pendants

Possibly one of the most popular versions of the evil eye is as a pendant. It is a simple yet attention-grabbing choice that looks cool and protects you right at your center. Here are some beautiful options!

Tojean Blue Eye Pendant Made with Swarovski Crystal

Evil Eye Jewelry - Tojean Gifts for Mom 'Evil Eye' Women Necklace Blue Eye Pendant Made with Swarovski Crystal, Jewelry for Women, for Lover

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This stunning choice of pendant necklace gives the classic look of the evil eye a more modern finish that is truly beautiful. You’ll love the amount of sparkle you get with this piece! It features a single pendant at the bottom of a simple rhodium-plated chain. The chain measures at 18 inches but also features a 2-inch extender section that allows for easy adjustment of the length of the necklace.

The pendant is an almond-shaped evil eye. It is simple and very clear what the pendant is depicting. Best of all, it is beautifully decorated with Swarovski crystals! Small, clear Swarovski crystals line the outside of the eye. Then, the eye itself is made from one large, clear crystal in the symmetrical almond shape.

At the center of the large crystal, there is a perfect blue circle depicting the iris of the eye. There is a slight texturing in the blue of the eye to give it a slightly more realistic look that draws more attention. At just barely under one inch in width, the eye is the perfect size to show good detail without becoming overwhelming or distracting from your overall look.

Jewelry Affairs Sterling Silver Greek Charm

Evil Eye Jewelry - Sterling Silver Greek Key Double Sided Evil Eye Pendant Charm

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Here is a different take on a pendant. This one is round in shape rather than almond-shaped. It focuses specifically on the iris and pupil of the eye rather than the entire eye. This is more in line with the Greek evil eyes. There is a round, glass ball in a beautiful bright blue color at the center of the pendant. In the center of the blue glass ball, there is a small black circle that represents the eye’s pupil. The entire glass ball is held by a circle of solid sterling silver.

A beveled edge features a rope design within the silver that wrap around the entire circumference of the glass evil eye. The silver then extends out and features interesting designs that have a tribal look to them. The pendant is 15mm across. It is held on a sterling silver chain with a soft, delicate look to it.

2. Rings

Another popular choice for wearing the symbol is with a ring. These can range from simple accents to bold statement pieces. Choose your favorite from below!

Sac Silver Eternity Stackable Ring in Sterling Silver

Evil Eye Jewelry - Eternity Infinity Bead Evil Eye Stackable Ring Sterling Silver Band Sizes 2-10


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This super cool ring from Sac Silver has an interesting and clever design unlike almost any other. It is a relatively simple piece overall. In fact, it actually works excellently as a stackable ring choice. It features an eternity loop design all around the ring. This consists of two separate thin bands of silver curving up and down crossing each other each time. It creates a band of almond-shapes all around the entire ring.

Then, in the center of each of the shapes, there is a round silver ball. This makes it look like the entire piece is made up of a string of evil eyes. It is very cool and unique. The entire ring is made from solid 925 sterling silver. That is – primarily silver mixed with alloys to create a stronger and more durable piece of jewelry. It is simple, quality, and clever.

Sac Silver Sterling Silver Ring

Evil Eye Jewelry - CHOOSE YOUR COLOR Sterling Silver Evil Eye Ring

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Here is another lovely and simple option from Sac Silver! Instead of an entire band of evil eyes, this option features just one single evil eye right at the center. The symbol is almond-shaped and made from solid sterling silver. All around the edges of the almond eye shape, there are small, clear, cubic zirconia stones inlaid. They look just like tiny little diamonds with brilliant sparkle and shine.

Then, right at the center of the eye, a small ring silver circle holds a slightly larger blue sapphire. This gives it the perfect touch for that highly recognizable evil eye look. The sapphire is simulated, but it looks just like the real deal with a much lower cost. The band is thin and dainty. It is also one uniform size all around and features notches with even spacing all the way around it.

This gives it a great detail that helps improve the overall look and quality of this piece of jewelry. You can choose to simply have your sterling silver ring in a high-polish finish. You can also choose a rose gold tone or yellow gold tone instead of the polished silver if you prefer either of those. Available sizes range from 3 to 10.

3. Earrings

If you think earrings might be the right choice of evil eye jewelry for you, check out these stunning choices!

ANDANTINO 18K Gold Plated Lucky Eye Earrings

Evil Eye Jewelry - ANDANTINO 18K Gold Plated Women’s Copper/Alloy Earring- with Various Style Ear Studs- Gift for Mom

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These marvelous earrings are called Lucky Eye Earrings because of the protection from the curse that they are supposed to provide. These are dangle earrings and they are a decent size that attracts attention and interest well without becoming overwhelming or distracting. They feature a metal alloy disk that is plated in 18K yellow gold. This gives them an expensive and sophisticated edge without raising the price too much. In fact, these are very affordable earrings with nice quality.

Stamped onto the disk is the shape of the evil eye. This symbol is also the almond shape opposed to the round shapes you sometimes see in this type of jewelry. Within the stamped eye shape, there are tiny cubic zirconia stones inlaid to give the eyes texture and detail. Most of the eye is filled with clear cubic zirconia stones to represent the white of the eye. Then, there is a circle of blue cubic zirconia stones in the center of the eye. These are bright blue stones that resemble sapphires.

Right at the center of this circle of clue stones, there is one more single clear cubic zirconia stone representing the pupil of the eye. These stones are all AAA cubic zirconia that shines and sparkles brilliantly! To include more incredible touches, additional details are also stamped into the disk above and below the eye. Above the eye, there are fine eyelashes stamped, and below there is a line representing the “circles” under eyes. Altogether, this is a very fine pair of earrings with a wonderful evil eye design.

Spoil Cupid Sterling Silver Mini Evil Eye Stud Earrings

Evil Eye Jewelry - 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Mini Evil Eye Jewish Post Stud Earrings

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Here are some simpler and smaller earrings that also make an incredible choice. These are studs opposed to dangling earrings. They are made of solid 925 sterling silver for beauty and durability. These will certainly stand the test of time with little to no problems. Each earring features a small evil eye. These eyes are round instead of being almond-shaped like most of our choices. The outside of the circles has tiny clear cubic zirconia stones inlaid into it.

Then, in the centers, there is a layer of blue enamel with a circle of white enamel in the center. These super cute earrings are minimalistic, sparkly, and feminine!

4. Bracelets

One more really cool way to wear protection from the evil eye is with a bracelet! This is actually a relatively popular choice. It is simple, easy, and works great for a variety of people including younger girls!

Liza Schwartz Jewelry Premium Leather Bracelet

Evil Eye Jewelry - Liza Schwartz Jewelry Lucky Evil Eye Good Luck and Protection Premium Leather Bracelet for Women in Black, Red, Silver and More Colors - Best Gift for Friends and Family

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Here is a nice, subtle way to bring the evil eye to your wardrobe. This is a leather bracelet that is beautifully crafted with a single bead on it featuring the symbolic eye. The bracelet is made from real, genuine leather. Three strips of genuine leather are all woven together into a strong and attractive braid with a rounded shape to it. On each end of the bracelet, there is one half of a special magnetic clasp. This clasp makes it incredibly easy to put the bracelet on and take it off.

All around the sides, there are cubic zirconia stones inlaid. Most of the stones are clear cubic zirconia, but the eyes themselves are made from circles of blue cubic zirconia. The pupils of the eyes are made with enamel in layers of blue, white, and black. You can choose the color of the leather in the bracelet from a large variety of colors.

Karseer Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Evil Eye Jewelry - Karseer Hamsa Evil Eye Bracelet, Natural Hematite and Lava Rock Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet, Anti Anxiety Stress Relief Jewelry Gift, Unisex

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From Karseer comes this incredibly original and unique option. The evil eye is almond-shaped and made from antique silver. It has a cool 3D shape to it rather than being flat like most choices up until now. The iris of the eye is also plated in yellow gold for more contrast and a very cool look.

The gold-plated iris also features a circle of inlaid tiny black cubic zirconia stones. The pupil is simply more of the antiqued silver. All along the bracelet on each side of the evil eye charm, there are natural hematite beads. Mixed in with them, there are also a few lava rock beads.

This is where you can place a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil for all-day scent and benefit. At the center of the opposite side of the bracelet, there is a small lapis lazuli stone that adds extra nice detail to the piece. The size of the bracelet is also easily adjustable for more convenience and versatility.