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How to Choose Jewelry for Your Girlfriend? A Jewelry Shopping Survival Guide!

Marianne Marianne 09 Mar 2020 3253

You met a girl who caught your eye a little faster than ones you’ve met before. You may have been friends for years and then the spark starting glowing bright. Or were you the one who pursued her and the flirting has turned into something special? Maybe even for some of you gentlemen out there, this girl has meant the world to you for as long as you can remember and she is finally starting to realize how exceptional you are as well. Regardless of how this relationship full of strong feelings started and where it is now, it’s happening.

You’ve got yourself a girlfriend and for that we congratulate you. But if you are to the point that you’re introducing her to your friends and family or that you changed your relationship status on Facebook, you may be finding yourself running into some other speed bumps. For instance, there is a holiday coming up soon and you know a good boyfriend would give her a gift, right? If you are really wondering, yes, yes that is a good choice indeed. Welcome to our jewelry shopping survival guide.

She may have said that it’s just the thought that counts or that you don’t need to worry about a gift on her birthday as “long as you guys are together”. Are you a little curious about that comment and trying to read her mind and body language to tell if the words are true or if there may be just a tiny bit of hope for something more in that common phrase?

Granted, that might be true and for a lot of us women the time together is absolutely the priority, but a gift will absolutely make her smile and if you’re here, you are the kind of guy who wants nothing more than to make your pretty woman happy. But like we said, this may seem like a speed bump, no matter the occasion for considering a gift, what on earth do you get her? We’ve put together a jewelry shopping survival guide to talk about the basics, the details, and what you should and shouldn’t be looking for for your special someone.

Determine your Relationship Status
(Not just on Facebook)

When buying jewelry for your better half, it is important to note what level your relationship is at. Have you guys been dating for a few weeks and there is a holiday coming up soon? You may be stressing knowing that holidays usually mean gifts, but not sure what to get or how much to spend on someone you just became official with. Have you guys been going steady for a while and are thinking about the next step in life as a couple? If so, this serious relationship may mean a little more expensive of a gift, but it definitely means the expectation for a more meaningful gift is there.

relationship status

Whether she tells you or not, and a lot of women won’t, she wants something that represents love or your relationship as a couple at this point. If your girlfriend has become your wife, you probably know a lot more about her, her style, and her priorities for gift giving at this point which means that you need to be mindful of jewelry shopping at this point. Don’t stress about all of this because we are going to walk you through it. The bottom line is that it does matter what phase your relationship is at right now when you are gift shopping and picking the right piece of jewelry to show her your feelings for her. So before we continue, sum up your relationship status in your mind.

The time matters, but the depth, seriousness, and future of your courtship are the more important characteristics to consider. Don’t be confused by this that if she is your wife our girlfriend of ten years, you need to spend way more money. That is not what we are saying. The status of your relationship will just add to the meaning or specificity of the product you choose.

What Are you Celebrating?

Next, let’s talk about why you are giving the gift to her. Ask yourself. Why are you shopping for jewelry for your special someone? Is there a holiday coming up soon? First, we have the major holidays that most of you may be in search of a gift for.

These include, but are not limited to, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day (if that’s a category she falls under), and Christmas. Next, we have her birthday. Or maybe that should have been first. There aren’t many days in the year that compare to or are more important than a woman’s birthday. Regardless of how she wants to celebrate, she absolutely deserves to feel special on this day as it is unique to her, and without her birthday, she wouldn’t be there making your life as wonderful as she does. Other prudent dates to consider for gift giving in general, but especially jewelry, are anniversaries. Yes, that is plural.

couple celebrating

Do you guys celebrate only the day you started dating? Or does she get excited each year about the day you met, the day you became a couple, and so on and so forth? If you are married, you may be to the point now that you have the day you met, the day you started dating, the day you got engaged, and then, of course, your wedding date. That’s a lot to remember mister, so I hope you have it all written down.

But the good news is is that as long as you can keep the dates straight and not forget any of them, we’ve got your back when it comes to figuring out what to get her for this and that and everything in-between. There may be some of you guys that found yourself here not looking for a holiday gift at all. Are you two nearing a big milestone in your future together or has she accomplished a goal that she’s been aiming for weeks, months or even years?

Your beautiful and independent girlfriend might be receiving a promotion at work, or graduating college and has earned her desired degree, maybe it’s a smaller goal that was special and unique to her specific desires and aspirations for life. And finally, those of you who are going above and beyond to surprise your beautiful sweetheart just to show her that you love and care about her.

First of all, if that is why you are looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, we commend you for your romantic side and applaud you for putting in the effort to bring that excitement to her routine day. Regardless of your reason for being here, they are all wonderful and we want to make sure you can get her the right gift for whatever occasion the two of you have before you. So why are you here? It may just be one reason or a few, but establish the reason behind wanting to get her this perfect gift, because believe it or not that does impact what you decide to buy her.

What is Her Style Like?

Now that you’ve established the status of your relationship and the why behind giving her this gift, let’s talk about what is right for her specifically. Think about what her style is like. Does she typically wear things that make a big statement and stand out in a crowd? Is she the type of girl that has a closet and jewelry collection that look similar to a bright and shiny rainbow? Does she wear pieces of jewelry that add glitter and glam to her outfit?

This may mean big and bulky jewelry that there is no mistaking that she isn’t just comfortable in it, but that she prefers this type and likes to add character to her outfits. Another aspect of a bold style to look for is color. Does it matter what color she is wearing for her to pull out her favorite crimson red lipstick and necklace? If this vibe is ringing a bell, you are going to want to look for something that stands out.

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Look for a piece that has large pendants or jewels. Keep color in mind as you search and find something that dazzles because she wants it to add that flare to her appearance. Don’t hold back in size, but be realistic about whether or not it could go with more than one outfit. She will probably love something that is enough different than anything she already has, while still fitting the big, bulky, colorful, and shiny factors.

If the woman we just described sounds nothing like your girlfriend, let’s talk about what she is like instead. Does she wear jewelry simply to symbolize love or people and memories that matter to her? Often women wear jewelry that highlights their wardrobe, rather than makes the statement itself. If this is your girl, think about her typical everyday jewelry pieces as well as what she may wear on special nights celebrating with you and her loved ones? Look for something that is meaningful to her or to the two of you.

initial necklace

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You may even want to look for something that symbolizes the exact reason for the gift, like her first marathon or your first Christmas together as a couple. Your goal is to make her smile and look forward to wearing this dainty piece, without being afraid to wear it in public. Because we all know that she will wear it ones or twice to make you happy, and then hope you never notice that she didn’t accidentally lose it or have to hide that she purposefully broke the chain. Find something that fits her style and you are well on your way to giving her the perfect gift! Think big, bulky, and colorful or small, simple, and dainty. Then move onto the next step of our jewelry shopping survival guide.

Let’s talk about what kind of jewelry

What does this even mean? Haven’t we been talking about the kind of jewelry all along? Yes, and no. What we mean by kind of jewelry are the different options and way to wear jewelry. First, we have a necklace. One thing that is so incredible about a necklace is that it can hold so much meaning. There is an abundance of ways to share how much you care through a necklace.

We love the idea of doing a vertical or horizontal bar necklace and getting it customized to display your affection.

personalized necklace

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Think back to the relationship status first. If you just started dating, you probably shouldn’t get her a necklace with your name or the day you asked her to be your girlfriend engraved on the bar. But if you are proposing soon and are a bit more sure that this is something serious, then that would be a great idea! That doesn’t mean you can’t get her the bar necklace if you a fresh out of the water kind of couple. Get her a bar necklace that says her name, or is engraved with a dainty heart or daisy.

Remember why you are giving it to her. Is she going to wear a necklace all year that has a Christmas tree with shiny fake bright lights flashing all over it? Depending on her style, she may just be thrilled to see that and wear it! This is just an example, but most women will want something with a little more meaning whether it is your first Christmas together or your fiftieth. You can’t go wrong with a diamond or something flashy in that sense. You may find something with a snowflake or an angel. Think of what Christmas means to you and to her, and look for a necklace that embodies that. This will show her that this day and time of year has more significance, and it’ll be something that she will remember receiving at Christmas time without feeling silly wearing it all year long.

We love necklaces and could give a list of dozens of scenarios that you may be looking for one and things to consider when doing so. But there are other types of jewelry too! When you think of your beautiful girlfriend, you may be thinking that she doesn’t ever wear a necklace or she always wears one specific one and would have no interest in finding something else. Don’t worry about that at all because there are a plethora of other options!

You can find necklaces that are her favorite shape, that matches your favorite dress that you frequently compliment her on, or that you feel she will turn to for her everyday wear. She may also love wearing watches, bracelets, or even anklets. Regardless of what piece you think will flatter her and excite her the most, don’t forget to keep her style in mind. She may love watches but prefers a casual camel color with gold detail that she can wear regularly, or a hot pink one line with gems to add to her bright collection of watches.

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Last but not least, we have a ring. This might seem like dangerous water to enter depending on where your relationship is at, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you consider that. You probably shouldn’t buy her a diamond ring that only fits her left-hand ring finger if you are not to a point of talking about long-term commitment or promise.

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However, with her style in mind, you can get her a bulky colorful ring that she will absolutely love showing off or a dainty gold ring with a heart that shows that you love her. Honestly, with our tips on being mindful of where the two of you are at in commitment and a future and making sure to consider her style, she will love adding a piece of jewelry to her collection any time!

Gold, Silver, or Neither

Part of her style also leads to the type of metal to get her. We’re not trying to overwhelm you, so if you are starting to feel that way, pick the key pointers that you think she will care the most about, and go from there. This is simply to give you examples, options, and ideas about what gift to give your girlfriend if you are struggling to decide.

Did you buy her gift already and now that you have it you are worried about whether or not you bought the right thing? This guide is here to help you too, but most importantly, but that stress aside because she loves you and will be flattered you went out of your way to get her a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Now it’s time to move on to metal type.

Overall, most girls will have an obvious preference between the two of these. Is her jewelry collection mainly gold, mainly silver, or neither? If one of those colors is not standing out to you when you picture her style, you have a couple other ways to look at it. Either she truly doesn’t have a preference between the two and would be thrilled with any color, or you will be able to picture another obvious color that she is partial to.

gold or silver

Does she wear black, rose gold, or fluorescent yellow on a regular basis? That may be a good sign that that is a safe color for you to go with when deciding what to get for her.

Money, Money, Money

Now when I said gold or silver, you may have panicked a little. If you pictured your girlfriend and realized that she wears silver most days and started to choke a little, grab a drink of water and relax because regardless of the type of metal, you have options!

For example, you may find a bracelet that is very budget friendly and looks like silver, but you may find one a lot like it that costs ten times more money. The reason why is that depending on the exact metal or combination of metals that is used the price will vary. For instance, that cheap silver bracelet may actually be silver plated.

This means it is made of a different kind of metal that is less expensive, often times copper, and is layered with silver over it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With correct care, this can still last your girlfriend a good amount of time. However, the price you pay will often get you better quality, and depending on the seriousness of your relationship status, your financial situation, and the occasion, you may want to get her that pricey true 925 silver sterling bracelet.

silver sterling bracelet

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The quality and lifetime value may be something that you both sincerely care about. This same idea can be considered between different types of metal as well as the gem or pearl. You can find inexpensive products out there that look like the real deal and absolutely have the potential to uphold time and wear with proper care. Or you can invest in pieces that come with a price tag and ensure quality.

Have the two of you decided on an amount that you will spend on each other this Valentine’s Day? Because that may make you think that your options are tremendously limited. But that is definitely not the case! Whether you are looking for the big and showy jewelry or the small and simple, this is always something to consider. D

etermine your price range and then look for quality pieces within those numbers. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and that includes the size of the price tag. You want to find something that is special to her, and you may just be able to do that at a budget-friendly price!

Final Tips

We hope you are feeling more confident in your decision about what jewelry to choose for your girlfriend! We have a few more tips that may make it a little more simple with less strategy and equations to solve.

First of all, don’t hesitate to ask her or her best friends about what she might like. Maybe she recently told her bestie about a watch she saw online and is completely obsessed with. Make a pact with said bestie that she won’t share your secret, and go buy that watch!

Ask her to make a list of pieces of jewelry that she would love to have, take the list and get one thing off of it, and buy something else that you feel as meaning and would look gorgeous on her.

Don’t hesitate to ask the friendly jeweler at the store or read the questions and reviews if you are shopping online. Most women would love being surprised, but it’s okay to ask her if she feels that way or if she would rather join you for a little shopping trip.

You could even stop by the jeweler in the mall while you are there for something completely different and see what she likes and what she is interested in. Then go back in a few days or even a couple months (write down the details so you don’t forget) and surprise her with it at a future date. She will love that you were listening and be completely shocked that you had been paying attention enough to go back and purchase it for her. We recommend keeping it simple. Don’t expect perfection of yourself because even we as women sometimes have doubts about what we want or just purchased. The thought really does count and the fact that you are trying will mean so much to her!

We absolutely love that jewelry can hold so much meaning. So make it meaningful! Have the ring or necklace engraved with a simple phrase that is special between the two of you, a cute flirty message, or a date that is unique to your relationship. These details will make the piece even more meaningful and the type of thing she will be eager to call and brag to her mom, sister, and best friends. Relationships are exciting and finding a gift that will make your significant other happy should be exciting too!

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Overall, you should learn a lot about her and maybe even a little about yourself as you choose which jewelry to shop for your girlfriend. Use this jewelry shopping survival guide to narrow down your options and then go get her that piece of jewelry that you feel will bring her the most joy. Because chances are, you are exactly right.

Add in some flowers and chocolates, and you’re sure to look like a professional. Take a step back and keep in mind that she is likely just as stressed about what to get you as you are about what to get her. So thinking about it from the other person’s point of view, what would you want to say to them?

Some of you may be thinking you’d like her to just ask what you want so that you can make sure that the money spent is going to something that you really do want, which is completely understandable. But a lot of you are probably thinking that you would be happy no matter what she got for you, and realistically she probably feels exactly the same. You love (or really like) her and that is what this piece of jewelry will tell her.