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10 Love Necklaces To Gift This Season!

Marianne Marianne 23 Aug 2018 130

When you think of love, do you ever happen to think of a chubby little guy with wings and a borrow and an arrow? We are all, of course, familiar with Cupid. But other than shooting arrows at humans and gods alike, what does Cupid do or mean really? In Roman mythology, he is the son of Venus. Venus is the Goddess of love and Beauty. Whether it was passed on by the single fact alone that his own mother was the epitome of love, or whether he acquired his reputation on his own, he was known as the god of affection. When you picture Cupid, you may visualize heart eyes and arrows flying on Valentine’s Day, but based on Roman mythology, he symbolizes so much more. Another interesting side note is that in Latin, Cupid is also known as Amor which means love.

When you think of Cupid from this perspective, or even love from this point of view, you may be intrigued by the added depth and meaning that comes to this short four-letter word. Love. It stems from beauty and affection. And even further, love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection, beauty is defined as a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect and moral sense, and affection is defined as a gentle feeling of fondness or liking. Wow! That is a whole lot of detail behind one word. And that’s just starting to scratch the surface. Love is one of the most passionate and overwhelming feelings we can experience as human beings. Love is often the root of happiness and joy. That can come from loving a person, loving your dog, loving your job, the flowers outside your window, and even from loving yourself.


There are so many ways to show your love. Have you heard of the 5 languages of love? Most of us may have heard of them, but even if you haven’t, it is an interesting way to think about showing and receiving love. Whether you stand by the philosophy of the love languages or not, we all can agree that there are different ways for us to show love and different ways for us to experience or feel love, right?

The way you give or receive love can come in various ways, but these love languages sum it up nicely with: getting gifts, affirmation words, physical touch, quality time, acts of service. One thing that makes jewelry so special and enticing is that it can fit into numerous categories.

Jewelry offers words of affirmation whether it be on the piece or on the gift packaging or product label, or even within the symbol that may be displayed on the jewelry. It offers words that let your special someone know just how much you love them.

You may be serving your wife by surprising her with breakfast and a bracelet, or the way you clasp her necklace around her neck before your date. This offers her that physical touch and probably all the butterflies as well. No matter your better half’s love language, or style, we have some impeccable options that are sure to bring a smile to her (or his, yes we have options for him too!) face.

These 10 Love necklaces will make more than a perfect gift for your loved one!

1. Mevecco Layered Heart Handmade 18k Gold Piece

Mevecco Layered Heart Handmade 18k

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We have this beautiful layered heart necklace that comes in three different styles that we are absolutely loving. Each one is plated twice, once with 18k gold and then a lifetime protective finish. It is a trendy double necklace that you will love wearing on a daily basis. The first style features two dainty hearts, one smooth and the larger with a textured phase. The second option is layered with a heart and a small arrow, while the longer chain features an open circle pendant. Finally, we have the third option which displays a heart on the short chain and a vertical bar on the longer layer.

We love the way this piece is versatile between day and night time attire. But more than that, we love the way that it will satisfy any age and is appropriate for any holiday gift giving. This layered necklace is an excellent deal and you may even want to buy all three to share with more than one friend or loved one.


2. sephla 14k White Gold Necklace

sephla 14k White Gold Plated Forever Lover Heart Pendant Necklace

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We were struck by this necklace and the way it immediately catches your eye and your heart. This sterling silver necklace with cubic zirconia stands out from others like it with its unique design, but they’ll take it to the next step with the endearing phrase “I love you to the moon and back”. Could it be any cuter or more heartfelt? Now when you rush out the door late for work in the morning, you don’t have to fret that your wife wants validation that you love her. Now don’t get me wrong, we are all about making sure to say I love you a couple or a dozen times a day. But this will give her that constant reassurance and respect that she deserves.

The pendant on this lovely necklace is 23 millimeters with an 18-inch chain. It comes in a simple black jewelry box that you can be assured she will gasp as she opens. This necklace is inexpensive and sure to satisfy your special someone. However, your wife isn’t the only one who would love and appreciate such a sentimental message.

This Mother’s Day, Christmas, or whatever holiday you are celebrating, this will make a perfect gift for any woman you love! Give one to mom, grandma, or even your sister. Because any of these impactful women would be honored to know just how much you love them.

3. AOBOCO I Love You Forever

AOBOCO Heart Necklace 925 Sterling Silver I Love You Forever

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I love you forever. Forever. What a beautiful thought. What could be better or offer more stability than knowing you will be loved forever? Do you have someone special in your life that you love forever? Are you looking for a way to show them just how strongly you feel that way without doing what you did for the last holiday and the one before that? This is a sure way to excite your loved one and let her know just how much you mean those special words, I love you forever.

This piece is available at a mid-range price. It is made of hypoallergenic sterling silver highlighted by cubic zirconia with Bermuda blue heart crystals from Swarovski. This necklace is packaged with a gift box that will be exactly what you’re looking for to share during the next holiday season with your family and friends. We love the way the bold blue shines with the contrast of the small white crystals. Whether it’s your daughter, your wife, your mom, or any other significant woman in your life, you can bet she will be feeling special flaunting this necklace around her neck.

4. ANCREU Angel Wing Necklace

ANCREU Angel Wing Necklaces Women Love Heart Pendant Necklace Gifts Women Girls

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Remember Cupid? You may be flashing back to the Roman mythology of him being the god of affirmation and son of Venus. Bold and endearing. Or maybe you are thinking about the chubby little angel we see on our Valentine’s cards and decorations every year. Regardless of how you visualize his symbolism, you may typically picture his body supported by wings on his back.

This piece first sparked our interest because of the significant wings that wrap around the heart. We think of Cupid, or any angel, who may be passionately wrapping their arms around our hearts. Whatever and wherever your angel may be, uphold their love and serenity by keeping the heart. This is the perfect gift for someone who is an angel to you, or someone who has lost someone and has their own special angel watching out for them. Whatever your beliefs, this is the perfect symbol to share comfort and sincere love to your lucky recipient. It sends the message of always being loved and protected.

There are an abundance of options for this gorgeous piece, ranging from variations on the heart, and a handful of colors for the pendant wrapped in wings. This necklace is made of white-gold-plated metal complete with Swarovski Crystals. The chain is 18 inches long with a 2-inch adjustable chain extender. The heart pendant is just short of an inch wide as well as slightly under an inch tall. You will be extremely satisfied with this product and the price that comes with it.

5. SIVERY ‘Love Heart’ with Swarovski Crystals

SIVERY Birthday Gifts 'Love Heart' Women Jewelry Necklace with Swarovski Crystals

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The best symbol to represent love is the heart. Don’t you think? We all know it as love, and though some say it has nothing to do with the actual emotions of love, for those of you in love or that have loved, you know that maybe there is some sort of connection. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks alike connected hearts with love because they believed it represents life and morality or that it controlled emotions. Maybe you personally can feel it in your stomach as the butterflies start to fly, in your mind as you start to think about your love and desire for this person, but there is nothing like your heart melting or bursting as you make eye contact with someone you love. Do you know that feeling of just sitting back and watching a moment and the feeling of love and gratitude consuming you? I think that’s the best way to describe the actual feeling of love in the heart.

If you could visualize a moment or if your mind wandered to a specific person, we’ve found the perfect gift for you to give that special someone! This gorgeous necklace can be purchased for a very reasonable price. The pendant is available in three different colors. It comes in crystal vitrail medium which is a gorgeous rainbow that will take your breath away. It also comes in a fantastic purple or blue, both have numerous shades that are sure to catch your eye. We love the way the crystals add enough detail to make the necklace stand out and sparkle, without taking away from the beauty of the heart pendant. This necklace comes on a 16-inch chain with a two-inch chain extender. If you’re looking for a gift that would be perfect for any age and to give for any holiday, this would be a fantastic option for you!

6. I Love You in 120 Languages

I Love You Necklace 120 Languages Inscribed in 24k Gold on Round Onyx Pendant, 18"

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Isn’t this necklace absolutely wonderful? It is so intriguing unique. This piece of jewelry is a little costly due to its finer metal of 24k gold. It comes in 4 different colors, all priced according to value. The starting cost is lowest with the sterling-silver necklace, then gold-plated-silver, and tops off with white-gold, and yellow-gold. The most fascinating thing about this pendant is that it says I Love You in one hundred and twenty languages. Isn’t that absolutely incredible? Who wouldn’t love that?

One of the best parts about this stunning pendant is that it also comes with a miniature magnifying glass. This can be used to further examine the many languages of I Love You’s. This is something that she will gape at over and over again month after month.

This pendant comes on an 18-inch high-quality rolo chain made of traditional Italian gold. The round black onyx gemstone is detailed with a dainty gold heart and innovative tiny lettering over the surface of the stone. This piece is absolutely right for an anniversary, whether it be one year, five years, or 30 years. It is timeless and so unique that it will be a gift she will not forget year after year. We are in awe at the smooth gold and intricate details that make this necklace everything it is. We feel like this is an exceptional gift for your better half, each color offering its own value and elegance.

7. Stainless Steel with VerticalBar Pendant

Love Jewelry Personalized Couple Stainless Steel Necklace Engraved Initial Name Vertical

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This inexpensive piece is a great way to share your love in a personal and customized way. The pendant is made of high-quality stainless steel and is the type of necklace that your significant other will want to wear on a daily basis. The necklace comes in silver, black, and rose gold, all offered at the same low price. It comes in a classy box with a free leather chain that will ensure you are able to gift it in a way that will impress. So who is it that you are looking to surprise this gift with? Is it your wife, your mom, or your best friend? Regardless of who it is or for what reason, this is a fantastic choice as it is completely customizable.

The pendant lays vertically to the chain in a dainty box rectangular shape. There are great options for things to have engraved on each side, but again, you get to choose what message to share and what dates are special enough to record. This may include a simple message like “I love you,” “Forever and Always,” or “xoxo.” You may want to engrave your names on the necklace or the kids’ names for your mom or mother of your children. You can engrave dates like your anniversary, the first time you said I love you, or another date that is meaningful to the both of you. This is such a special way to show your love that you care and that these moments in time or phrases that are specific to your story, matter to you and hold a place in your heart.

8. His & Hers Matching Set

His & Hers Matching Set Titanium Stainless Steel Couple Pendant Necklace

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Are you a wife or a girlfriend who is looking for something for the man in your life? Are you looking for something to show him how much you love him that can be masculine and different than anything he already has? We have found an impeccable option for you! This his and hers matching set is worth taking a look at. You would not be the first person to fall in love with these necklaces as they come at a wonderfully low price without losing the integrity of the quality of the product.

Don’t be confused when looking at this matching set, because the price is enough to make you question it, but you truly do get the pair for one low price. These necklaces are titanium stainless steel that are detailed with laser cutting and a polished finish. One thing we love about this type of metal is that it is extremely low maintenance. Don’t worry about wearing it often, because it is made to endure wear and tear. The male chain is 24 inches long while the other is 22 inches. These his and her necklaces will hang just right on both of you.

We love the sweet details of this set. It is designed to look like two rings looped within each other. The smaller band, laced through the larger band, says Eternal Love. While the other ring states: The world looks wonderful when I am with you. This is all done in an elegant laser cutting. Each ring has a cubic zirconia stone that gives it just enough shine to make it all that you are looking for. The pieces come in their own small box perfect for gift giving. So whether you are a girlfriend, fiance, or wife getting these for the both of you, plan on making your guy smile. Just as you would if he got each of these for you and him. Wear your matching set with pride as you display your love for each other.

9. FIBO Stainless Steel Set

FIBO STEEL Stainless Steel Mens Womens Pendant Necklace

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This highly sought after matching two-piece men and women’s set will have your significant other smiling from ear to ear this holiday season or special occasion. On top of that, it comes at a price that will leave you smiling ear to ear too. The pendants are made of high-quality stainless steel. They each come on a 22-inch chain with a heart puzzle pendant.

There are three different and unique styles that will be sure to intrigue you and your special someone. Style one includes gold and black colored charms that connect together to form a heart. The man’s necklace says I love you, while the women’s smaller gold piece says, love. When connected they make a stunning multi-colored heart piece. The second style comes with two more equally sized pieces. One is silver and the other is black, both with an individual heart within the pendant and together they form a larger heart. Each piece says I love you on it ensuring that your significant other always remembers that you love and are thinking of them.

Lastly, the third style comes from at the most inexpensive rate. It is one part style one and one part style two, meaning it comes in the design of style one with the colors of style two. We mean it when we say this necklace is sought after. People love the integrity and quality of the necklaces at a price that can’t be beaten. This is a gift you’ll be telling your friends about next Valentine’s Day!

10. Dogeared Pearls of Love

Dogeared Pearls of Love 8mm Freshwater Pearl Necklace

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This dainty piece of jewelry is different than you might initially think of when you think of love. Pearls take years to form, as your love may be the same way in a sense. You may work for years and years, maybe you’ve had a bond for years that has brought you to the point you are now. But regardless of how you got there, you now have a lasting and gorgeous piece that will last forever.

This necklace represents that patience and time put into a relationship that makes it as special as it is. Though it is small, the meaning behind it is large and embodies love perfectly, making it a gift that any woman would be delighted to receive. This necklace comes in three colors listed in order of cost lowest to highest, white, silver, and rose gold. They are all priced fair and worth the money you will spend on such a quality piece. The necklace chains measure 16 inches long.

Each one highlights the classic pearl that is sure to uphold the lovely meaning you want to share with the one that matters most to you. They are freshwater cultured pearls from China gathered from freshwater lake and river mollusks. If you are familiar with pearls, this one is similar to an Akoya pearl, with very small differences in size and shape, yet a very big difference in price.

These are wonderfully valuable pearls for the price you pay. If your number one sweetheart is a fan of pearls, this is the perfect way to make her day and give her something dainty and beautiful to wear frequently.


love gift

When it comes down to it, we all seek for love, understanding, and acceptance. Right? That may be something you consciously think of on a regular basis, or maybe you do things or say words without realizing that that is your intent. But overall, I think we all have at least one characteristic in common as human beings, and that is that we want to love (something or someone) and we want to be loved. It just feels good to know that someone cares and to show those that matter most to you that you care about them too. These gorgeous necklaces are the perfect way to share that love with your significant other.

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, a birthday, or any special occasion or simply to bring back the romance and surprise to a would-have-been routine day, any of these necklaces are sure to bring smiles, maybe tears, and definitely beaming love. Any of these 10 love necklaces are sure to make more than a perfect gift for the loved ones in your life.