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Men's Jewelry: What's Hot in 2024?

Anna Anna 09 Mar 2021 3944

Dear Men, here’s a list of men’s jewelry that’ll make you more masculine this 2019!

A bunch of us aren’t really aware of the way that men began wearing adornments path before ladies did, approximately 130,000 years prior! It wasn’t only an image of design and style yet, in addition, a sign of good karma and assurance. On the off chance that you return and read about the historical backdrop of men’s design and adornments, you’d know! Animal teeth and shells were utilized to make gems by hanging them together, also it was even trusted that they’d dismiss malicious spirits from approaching the human wearing this bit of adornments.

The British Royal Family began the most well-known pattern of wearing gold chains around necks while the single-stud earrings look came into the scene due to European men.

Starting today, men’s style patterns are going in a different direction regularly! From metal chains to skull accents to 90s men’s jewelry, there is nothing men can’t generally wear and not pull off! Likewise, it’s about time that we as a whole quit stereotyping and co-relating adornments and decorations to a particular sex. Adornments were never intended to be just worn by the female clad, it’s in excess of a style direct, it falls under the wide classification of self-statement.

What’s more, I trust that each sex must reserve a privilege to convey what needs be in any way they decide to, and in the event that they’d like to do it by wearing some excellent bits of jewelry, they should do so!

So today, let’s talk about some jewelry trends for men that have been gaining popularity in 2019, already! And which you should definitely try if you’re into it.

1. Skull Jewelry

Arnold Schwarznegger.jpg
Arnold Schwarznegger.jpg

Let’s face it, skulls look really cool, no matter what they’re a part of. Rings, necklaces, watches, shoes, earrings, belts and more, they always manage to make one look dope and edgy. So, let’s talk about them more elaborately.


You can find a variety of skull watches in variegated shapes and sizes, and once you start wearing them and someone asks you for the time, we’re sure they’re going to be taken aback and impressed.

Men's jewelry - watches

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Necklaces go centuries back where initially they were made out of real bones and later out of silver and gold. In ancient times, people wore it as a symbol of remembrance for those who passed away.

Men's jewelry - necklaces
Ommo London

But now, it’s mostly a fashion statement adorned by men, as observed.


A major part of fashion for men used to be belt buckles for a long time and also for those who shied away from wearing any accessories. You would have often seen rockstars or celebrities wearing belts with skull buckles and let’s face it, they look damn cool! Why not have a pair of your own this season?

Harley-Davidson Men's Embossed Willie's World Leather Belt, Black HDMBT11332-BLK

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A handy pair of skull earring studs can make even the nicest boy look bad and well, occasionally, who doesn’t want to be a bad boy? Wear them both or just one, you are sure to make a mark out there!

Men's jewelry - earrings

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Jewelry designers often create interesting men’s jewelry pieces around skulls, where skulls have been combined together with the following things to have different meanings and appearances:

Wings: Freedom which is often associated with the release of the dead
Crosses: The beginning of mankind
Bows: Embracing the feminine side of a skull
Crossbones: Danger or Eternity
Snakes: Immortality or another world
Butterflies: The fleeting and everchanging life

So, choose your skull jewelry wisely, mates!

2. Metal Chains

A lot of factors need to be taken into account while you’re choosing that correct metal chain for yourself. The material, the length, the thickness, the texture and so much more. Gone are the days when men’s fashion only meant wearing watches and rings (in case you were taken). Today, they have so much more and how! So, without any further ado, let’s talk more about choosing the correct metal chain for you!

Choosing the correct Metal

According to Michael Saiger, “A necklace should feel comfortable and casual, almost like a family heirloom,” who is the founder and creative director of Miansai, a jewelry company based out of USA. Well, it is always advised to stick with the very basic silver and gold chains as they have this timeless beauty juxtaposed to them, and they do not affect your skin in any manner.

David Yurman
David Yurman

Also, they look stunning, no matter what you wear along with them. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something casual, stick to waxed cords. They come in multiple colors and can give you a very casual yet stylish vibe.

Choosing the correct Length

The most common length, when it comes to necklaces for men, is between 18-22 inches which lets the chain be right above the collarbone. If you wish to go for a longer one that can bring attention to your wide chest or in case you’d want to wear a pendant, you can go for something between 26-32 inches. The shorter chains give an uptight appearance, the longer ones give you a more chilled out look.

Choosing the correct thickness

If you’re inherently slim and have a slim neck, choose a chain between 2-4 mm and that shall look perfect on you. If you are a little on the heavier side with a thicker neck, choose something between 4-8 mm and that shall be apt for you.

Types of Chains

After finalizing all the aforementioned things, you can now choose to further improvise your chain by selecting something more unique rather than the same old plain chain. Here are a few types of chains that you might want to try in 2019:

Belcher Chains

Belcher Chain has links in the shape of a D which are broad but of uniform size. It is a go-to choice when asked men’s jewelry makers, since, it comes in variegated sizes, making it pretty versatile.

1pc Top Quality 18 inch Sterling Silver Belcher Cable Chain Chain (1.5mm Width) for Women Men Girls Jewelry Making ss208

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Box Chains

This chain is made of square connections, subsequently, its name. So as to make this chain, usually, round wire is utilized, which is leveled and molded like a box. Afterward, all these crate-like structures are connected together to frame a box chain.

Bowisheet 2-7MM Black Square Rolo Chain Stainless Steel Round Box Necklace Men Women Jewelry

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These chains are generally favored with pendants, since they are firm and solid, in addition to giving an exceptionally exquisite look on wearing.

Cable Chains

These chains more often than not have oval connections that are consistently molded and interlocked on the other hand in a flat and afterward vertical heading.

FOSIR 2-4MM Mens Womens Stainless Steel Black Rolo Cable Chain Necklace 18-36 Inch

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Byzantine Chains

This chain is comprised of round or oval connections, which are matched together and afterward joined then again in level and vertical bearings. Each connection in this chain interfaces itself to four different connections, making this chain extremely solid and costlier than others.

style Stainless Steel Male Chain Necklace Mens Bracelet Jewelry Set, 8mm Wide, 8.5 inch 22 24 30 inch

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Espiga Chains

Espiga in Spanish means wheat. The links in this chain resemble wheat particles, subsequently the name. The connections in this chain resemble the number 8, where oval connections are twisted pieces of metal holding them together.

Floreo 10k Yellow Gold Super Flexible Silky Herringbone Chain Necklace for Women and Men, 0.3” (8mm)

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3. Necklaces

Necklaces aren’t only made for women, if you’re a man who likes adding jewelry pieces to your wardrobe, you’d be aware that there is a wide variety of necklaces that men can wear and absolutely rock! On the off chance, that you do not know what or how to go about men’s necklaces, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on!

Dog Tags

By far the most popular and stylish piece of men’s jewelry that men prefer wearing are dog tags. They are precisely used in the military to hold the name and other essential details of a soldier, but they have made their way into the everyday fashion of not only men but women too.

Bijou Jewellery
Bijou Jewellery

Usually, silver in color, they are sure to add a very dope and stylish look to your casual outfits like baggy jeans and plain t-shirts.


Chokers in men are relatively rare when compared with women’s fashion but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worn. There are several men out there who like and prefer fixed chokers around their necks better than hanging chains.

Black Braided Leather Cord Necklace 3mm - Sterling Silver Clasp and Length Choice up to 30" (15") by Greek Crafts

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So, don’t be shy to wear that black leather string with silver endings to them. You can always opt for beaded chokers to give you a more chilled out vibe for pool parties or when you visit the beaches.

Religious Emblems

These are just like a chain with a pendant but the pendants here have a religious meaning associated with them, for instance, the cross, which is most commonly seen worn by a lot of people, don’t necessarily follow the Christian faith.

cross necklace

But that’s not the only religious emblem that exists, there can be ancient symbols, Hindu Gods, David Stars and many more. If you’re a believer of your religion and into fashion, you can surely go for these.

4. Bracelets

Trust us, bracelets are not gender-specific or only a feminine piece of jewelry. Men can wear them and look oh-so-appealing! Bracelets come in a lot of different shapes and patterns and sizes and materials, you just gotta find the perfect one for every attire of yours. There are enough, to go with all your moods and outfits, just give it a go!

So, let’s talk more about the types of bracelets you can find and wear in 2019:

Leather Bracelets

From thin leather bands that give a very chic look to thicker ones which are obviously more masculine, leather can compliment your outfit more than just a tad bit. There is this absolute elegance yet a rough and tough appeal that leather holds, which is sure to go well with no matter what you wear.

leather bracelet

A single band or a multilayer leather band usually comes with a stud at the end to grip it around your wrist. You can wear these simply or even with your watches, they do go extremely well with watches, so try it sometime!

Metal Cuffs

If you do not want to wear typical bracelets, we suggest you go for metal cuffs. But be careful to not buy the ones resemble bangles or feminine cuffs. Go for the ones with oxidized styles. They come in a lot of different textures and design. Also, you can always pair leather bracelets with metal cuffs to give you a manly look. How about that?

925 Silver S, M, L & XL Ancient Wisdom Beaded & Engraved 1/2" Wide Cuff Bracelet

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Charm Bracelets

A charm bracelet, in general, has small trinkets hanging from it, and when it comes to charm bracelets for men, only the pattern, design, and size of these trinkets changes. The basic concept remains the same. You can even get customized charm bracelets and make them relevant according to your own personalities and beliefs.

charm bracelet man

You can pair them with your watches, cuffs, leather bracelets or just wear them alone, they’re sure to look amazing anyway!

Beaded Bracelets

Remember as kids we’d use to put together beads in a string? Yup, these are like that, only more sophisticated. Beaded bracelets have gained a lot of attention lately and have become a top choice amongst men arm jewelry. From wooden to the glass to plastic, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and, materials to go with all your moods and appearances.

WRCXSTONE Natural 8mm Gorgeous Semi-Precious Gemstones Healing Crystal Stretch Beaded Bracelet Unisex

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5. Earrings

Men’s earrings have been of historic importance in many religions and faiths. Over the years earrings amongst men have attained some massive popularity, credits to fashionistas and actors. Apart from the basic studs, there are so many more styles now, that have emerged and gained popularity. Let’s see what they are,


Cuffs are similar to bracelet cuffs, basically thick round ring sort of structure that could be worn around or on the ear by pressing it in its place. They come in varied sizes, thickness, and designs.

cuff earring man

Also, cuffs can be worn on any part of the ear, from earlobes to the very top corner of your ear. Feel free to experiment and create your own style!


Hoops are circular or semi-circular hollow ring-like shape, as its name very clearly suggests. They have lately been a very trendy choice amongst men. Hoops can usually be locked onto your ears using clicker mechanism or there’s a a little cumbersome alternative where a thin metallic wire-like structure needs to inserted into the hoop in order to lock it. Try going for the former ones, they’re much easier to wear and remove.

yueton 5 Pairs Men Unisex Stainless Steel Small Hoop Earrings Ear Stud

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Clip on styles shifts from spring stacked clasps, screw backs, and attractive hoops. The most prominent is the spring stacked strain back that grasps the ear flap and holds the stud set up.

clip on earrings

One does not need to have a piercing in order to wear these, the name clip-on makes that clear.


These pieces of earrings look exactly like barbells and can be distinguished in three – horseshoe barbell, straight barbell, and curved barbell. These can also be used for other piercings apart from an ear, like mouth, septum, cartilage etc.

Udalyn 4 Pairs Stainless Steel Earrings Set Hoop Earrings CZ Stud Earrings Barbell Earrings For Men

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6. Cufflinks

Cufflinks, in the most simple way, are replacements for the buttons on the front part of the sleeve of your shirt. Why? Because this mere replacement of buttons by cufflinks gives an altogether stylish and chic outlook to your everyday formals. With men’s fashion going places, it’s time you update your wardrobe with a couple of formal and informal cufflinks for various occasions. What say? Cufflinks can be a great way to personalize your outfit, you can always get customized cufflinks with whatever you’d like them to represent.

Elite & Luck

Cufflinks can also be of various types and should be chosen according to the place and occasion. Here are the types you should know about (and have some in your collection too!)

Fixed Back

These cufflinks have a fixed back therefore, no moving parts make it to this design. These can often be harder to wear when compared to other options but are credited to be the most durable out of the lot.

Bling Jewelry Good Luck Horse Shoe Equestrian Cowboy Shirt Cufflinks For Men Graduation Gift Silver Tone Brass Steel Hinge Back

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Bullet Back

These are more for formal purposes, a small cylindrical piece is set between what looks like two metallic bars. This cylindrical piece is then rotated by 90 degrees to lock the cufflink. Pair these up with your formal wears to attend important dinners or grand functions and you’re sure to leave a mark!

Zysta Irregular Curved Twisted Square Mirror Finish Cufflinks Set Silver Gold Black Bullet Back Secure Closure Button Luxury Elegant

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Whale Back

This consists of a flat head and a tail in the shape of a whale that flips flat against the post. The closing mechanism is comparatively simple and they are easy to use.

Daptsy Cufflinks for Men Creative Designer Crystal & Metal Bullet and Whale Back Men's Cufflinks

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7. 90s Fashion Trends

90s had some really cool fashion trends and there are times when we really miss them. Especially the men out there. Women’s fashion evolves literally every day but for men, it’s not exactly the same. There are a bunch of fashion trends that have been seen making their ways back in 2019. For instance leather jackets, denim jackets, round and oval sunglasses, tracksuits and so much more. Let’s dive in and talk more about them!

Oval/Round Sunglasses

These have created a roar in the fashion industry in the latest. You can literally see everyone wearing these! Don’t even think about it and just go ahead and get a pair or ten.

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

These are the trendiest things out there in 2019. Pair them up with your everyday look and look way cooler than you intend to.

Puka Shell Jewelry

These were a rage in the 90s, jewelry made out of puka shells. Every man who was even slightly inclined toward being fashionable owned men’s jewelry made out of puka shells; necklaces, hand bracelets, etc.

Men's jewelry - Puka Shell

These are making a coming back and we are thrilled! Pair ‘em with your beach look and woah! You’re ready to look all trendy and hot!

Grunge Jewelry

Who can really forget the whole grunge look from the 90s? It has now been catching up with men’s fashion lately! If you’d want to go out with your grunge look on, wear a plaid shirt with some ripped denim and pair these up with a long chain neckband and a cross pendant.

Giuseppe Crepacuore Jewelry
Giuseppe Crepacuore Jewelry

Add some rings and chunky earrings to go a tad bit extra! How about it?