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Unique Tourmaline Rings - As Rare as They Come

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What makes tourmaline gemstone different from other stones is the structure of how the crystal is made. The great thing about tourmaline stones are that they come in a variety of colours, like a rainbow, giving you plenty to choose from. The most common type of tourmaline gemstone is a yellow and green colour while the most valuable coloured gem is emerald green. They’re also available in a range of prices allowing you to purchase a tourmaline stone within your budget. The gemstone is also extremely durable and long lasting, making them a great option for an engagement ring. What more could you want?

The properties of a tourmaline stone

Visually a tourmaline stone would be described as being colourful, striking and dazzling. Even though there are a variety of different types of tourmaline stones, all of the stones share the same physical properties. However, a change in colour of the tourmaline stone only occurs when there is a slight difference in the form of the silicate crystals that make up the gemstone. Another great thing about this stone is that they can be cut into a variety of shapes, making the stone very versatile.

Tourmaline stones

Tourmaline rings are believed to contain healing and balancing energies. It is thought that the wearer of one of these gems receive plenty of benefits from the stone including positive energies and cleansing properties. They are known for enhancing harmony and calmness within the wearer. The stone is also known for promoting creative and artistic expression. The tourmaline stone is mostly found in places like Sri Lanka, Brazil and USA and is commonly known for being the birthstone for the month of October.

Did you know…?

The tourmaline is the alternative birthstone for October, alongside the opal

The gem was first discovered in the late 1600’s by some Dutch traders located off the West Coast of Italy

The name ‘tourmaline’ comes from the term ‘turmali’ which was the name given to all of the crystals found on the island of Sri Lanka in the late 1600’s

At some point in history people thought that red and pink tourmaline stones were actually rubies

Here are our top 10 favourite tourmaline rings that are truly unique!

Our 10 Favorite Picks!

1. GemStoneKink 1.45 Ct Oval Pink Tourmaline

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If you’re looking for a one of kind ring that oozes class, then look no further than this stunning pink tourmaline ring made by GEM STONE KING.

This ring has been designed with an oval cut pink tourmaline stone in the centre of the ring. It then features a row of white diamonds surrounding the pink stone with an outer layer of blue stones making it extremely colourful and sparkly. The ring band continues to feature diamonds, on this occasion, imbedded within the band in the form of small white stones.

This gorgeous piece made by GEM STONE KING features a beautiful pink tourmaline stone that has been cut into an oval shape. To give you an idea of the size of the stone it is approximately 7mm long by 5mm wide. The stone has been naturally created but it has received an irradiated treatment method. This colourful stone has been perfectly positioned in a 4 prong setting, making it look breathtaking.

The outer diamonds featured along this pink tourmaline are in fact cubic zirconia stones. They have been delicately cut into a round shape to approximately 1mm long by 1mm wide. These beautifully set stones are positioned onto a sterling silver band. What’s great about this material is that it’s solid and the composition is extremely tough, making it suitable for everyday use. The silver is extremely smooth on the surface of the band and the inner band, ensuring a comfortable fit. The selected silver is also very shiny giving a lovely finish to the overall piece. Another added detail which the designer has included is a row of small white cubic zirconia jewels within the actual band, giving this ring that extra bit of sparkle!

The best way to describe this ring would be mesmerizing. It’s extremely modern but also has a classy vibe. This ring would make a fantastic engagement ring for someone and would make a lovely piece of jewellery to wear on an everyday occasion. It also arrives in a beautiful jewelry box which will keep your precious ring safe while not being worn. Giving this ring as a gift to the lady in your life would really show them how much you love and care for them. If you’re not 100% happy with the item the jeweller also offers a money back guarantee, no questions asked.

This piece of jewellery has been crafted and sold by GEM STONE KING, a very talented jeweller. Sold for a medium price, this is a fantastic buy for such a reasonable price. This jeweller has been creating jewellery since 1903 so they definitely know a thing or two about jewellery. They also specialise in incorporating gemstones and diamonds into their unique pieces. If you take a look at their collection you’ll notice the vast variety of pieces. They really do design and sell pieces, suitable for everyone. What more could you ask for from GEM STONE KING!

2. COLORFEY Gemston Ring

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We love this piece because it’s very pretty.

It has been crafted using sterling silver to create the ring which consists of strips of silver. Each strip includes different coloured tourmaline stones making up a sea of colour. The variety of colours consists of pink, green and yellow. These pretty crystals feature a frame around them, making them stand out as individual pieces. When looking at this ring we’d describe it as being large.

The use of sterling silver makes the piece extremely durable and long lasting. The surface of this piece is very smooth and shiny. What’s great about this tourmaline ring is that that the band is adjustable so you can make it as small or large as you like. The ring can adjust to size 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5. It’s important to point out that the sterling silver material is nickel free so it’s safe for people to wear if they have sensitive skin.

The tourmaline stones used to create this piece are all natural crystals which will never fade in colour. These gemstones have been positioned securely using a prong setting. The advantage of buying a ring which features tourmalines stones instead of cubic zirconia stones is that the tourmaline stones contain a subtle energy which has developed of thousands of years while forming in the earth. What’s special about these tourmaline stones are that the gem is the one and only stone piece, making them unique and very desirable. Your gorgeous ring will also arrive in a pretty little pink jewellery box, adding that special attention to detail to the piece. This means that if you’re giving this as a birthday gift there’s no need to buy any gift wrapping because the jewellery has been wrapped in a lovely box.

The jeweller that is selling this gorgeous ring for a low price is called COLORFEY. The team at COLORFEY are made up of a group of experienced designers that have been producing and selling jewellery since 2012. All of their pieces are handmade and feature natural and genuine tourmaline gemstones. Their designs are extremely colourful and imaginative. Take a look at their inspiring pieces of jewellery on their website.

3. Stylish 10 Mm Tourmaline Ring By Anemone Unique

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We chose this ring because we thought the single stone was very colourful and unusual!

This stunning piece features a single crystal that contains a mixture of colours including pink, orange, yellow and green. This particular colour combination is called watermelon. This beautiful tourmaline stone is securely positioned in place by a 4 prong setting. This gem is then positioned on a thin shiny band. This particular jeweller sells the ring with a silver band or a brass band, giving you an option to choose between colours. The great thing about opting for the sterling silver ring is that this material is very durable and is ideal if you’d like to wear the piece on a daily basis. The bands texture is also extremely smooth and shiny making it a lovely accessory.

This watermelon tourmaline ring is for known for containing a stabilizing crystal which when worn on a daily basis will help the wearer alleviate any tension or stress. Wearing this ring will also help you deal with any emotional pain and will help you in boosting your heart energy. It’s the perfect ring to buy because it has so many deeper powers if you trust the stone and believe in it. The gemstone has been cut into a round shape and the jeweller confirms that the crystal has not been treated. To give you an idea of the size of this stone is approximately 10mm long by 10mm wide.

This is a very simple but elegant piece of jewellery that holds heaps of colours. It’s being sold by a seller called Aemone Jewelry for a medium price. If you take a look at some of their other collection you’ll notice their love for unusual stones incorporated into a beautiful ring. We think this jeweller is definitely worth a look.

4. Silvershake Natural Pink Tourmaline & White Topaz

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This is more of a traditional style ring featuring three stones. The ring consists of a pink tourmaline stone in the centre that has been cut into a circle shape. A white topaz stone then features either side of this ring. The three stones in the row really do complement one another. Each ring has been carefully cut into a round shape and has been securely positioned in place along the rings band. It’s important to be aware that even though this pink tourmaline stone has been created naturally it has had a heat treatment to give it its gorgeous colour!

The band has been crafted using a gorgeous smooth sterling silver. This material is very durable and long lasting which makes it a great choice for a ring that will be worn on a daily basis. The band also has a rhodium plated finish, giving it extra strength and a smooth finish. In total this ring weighs approximately 1.15 carats.

This pretty ring is being sold by Silvershake for a low price which makes it a fantastic bargain price. The lovely ring also comes in a classy jewellery box so if you want to give this to someone as a birthday present the jeweller has already done the wrapping for you. We like the sound of that!

5. Silvershake Natural Pink Tourmaline & White Topaz 2

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If delicate and dainty jewellery like this piece from Silvershake is more your style then take a look at this tourmaline ring.

This gorgeous ring features a pink oval tourmaline stone. This gemstone is approximately 5mm long by 3mm wide and has been heat treated, giving it a striking pink colour. Alongside the tourmaline stone, this piece of jewellery includes two small round white topaz stones. These balance the ring perfectly because they are a different size, shape and colour to the tourmaline stone. Each topaz is approximately 2mm long by 2mm wide. All three stones have been securely positioned in place by a prong setting.

The rings band has been created using a solid sterling silver metal. What’s great about this material is that it’s extremely durable, shiny and smooth. The sterling silver band is also very comfortable to wear. This gorgeous ring comes in a pretty blue box and is being sold by Silvershake for a low price. This piece looks very classy and extremely pretty. Take a look at the jewellery collection from Silvershake today!

6. Gin and Grace 14k White Gold Multi-colored Ring

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This is a gorgeous multi-coloured tourmaline ring that you won’t be able to take your eyes off!

Consisting of a simple silver band, this stunning ring features five different coloured tourmaline stones in a row giving this ring a beautiful multi-coloured effect. This ring includes a mixture of orange, dark pink, green, light pink and black stones. This interesting ensemble of multi-coloured stones looks extremely colourful and fun to wear. Each stone has been cut into an oval shape and measures approximately 5mm long by 3mm wide.

The gorgeous ring consists of a simple straight band which has been made from 14k white gold. This is a very pretty ring and would suit being worn on a daily basis. This piece of jewellery comes in a classy silver jewellery box, keeping your ring lovely and safe.

This stunning ring is being sold by Gin and Grace Jewellery for a very high price. If you love the unique design of this ring, it is definitely worth the dollars. If you take a look at their extensive collection you’ll notice their love for different coloured stone jewellery. Take a look at their collection you’ll simply adore it like we do!

7. Pinctore 14k Rose Gold Morganite & Pink Tourmaline

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If you want to turn heads, this pink tourmaline ring will certainly get heads turning!

This ring is definitely a stunning statement piece. It consists of a large oval light pink morganite stone in the centre, accompanied by two smaller darker pink tourmaline stones either side. All three stones have a boarder of sparkling white diamonds around them. These stones are then positioned securely on a lovely complementing rose gold band.

As mentioned this ring is a large statement piece. The morganite has been cut into an oval shape and is approximately 10mm by 8mm in size. This is a natural stone which has had a heat treatment. The two smaller and darker stones have also been cut into an oval shape and are approximately 5mm by 3mm in size. These are natural stones which have been heat treated. All three stones have been securely positioned in a prong setting making them look absolutely beautiful. Let’s also not forget the dazzling diamonds which frame these gorgeous pink stones. There are 36 white diamonds in total that make up this lovely display.

When it comes to the band this has been crafted using a 14k rose gold metal. This choice of material is extremely smooth, durable and shiny. The rose gold colour also makes this ring a quite unique. This ring would be a fantastic engagement ring because it really is something special!

The jeweller that is selling this piece of jewellery for a very high price is called Pinctore. If you take a look at their website you’ll notice their collection of glitzy rings. We adore this ring and think it would make a wonderful engagement ring for the lady in your life!

8. GemStoneKing 0.43 Ct Oval Green Tourmaline

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This green tourmaline ring made by GEM STONE KING gives off a more understated and simplistic vibe when worn.

The elegant band features a small oval green tourmaline gem that sparkles beautifully in the light. This is securely positioned within a four prong setting and features a delicate white diamond either side of the tourmaline stone. This mesmerizing design is very sophisticated and gives off a minimalistic feel. This ring would make a gorgeous promise or engagement ring for someone special. The green tourmaline green has been carefully cut into an oval shape. This stone is natural however it has been heat treated. To give you an idea of the size of the stone it is approximately 6mm long by 4mm wide. The white diamonds are in fact cubic zirconia stones which have been cut into a round shape and are approximately 1.5mm long by 1.5mm wide. Though these diamonds are small they are perfectly formed.

The rings band has been crafted using a solid sterling silver metal. This material is extremely durable which makes it a great choice if you’ll be wearing the ring every day. The silver is also very smooth and shiny giving the gorgeous ring a lovely finish.

This lovely piece of jewellery is being sold by GEM STONE KING for a medium price. The ring is available in a variety of sizes including 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Take a look at this gorgeous ring now!

9. Dazyle Jewellery 2.38 ct. Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, White Diamond

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This ring is a statement piece of jewellery and may not be to everyone’s taste but we love it!

This stunning piece features a genuine amethyst in the centre of the ring so if you like the colour purple you’ll adore the inclusion of this stone. This large stone is then surrounded by small pink circular shaped tourmaline stones that frame the purple stone. This display of pink tourmaline crystals looks very beautiful.

The band is then made using 10k yellow gold. To continue the sparkle, this band features dozens of white diamonds. If you like plenty of sparkle you’ll love this ring. The choice of a gold band works wells in complementing the colour of the pink tourmaline stone and purple amethyst. The gold also gives this ring a traditional and classy feel.

The piece is being sold by Dazyle Jewellery for a high price however we think this ring is well worth the dollars. It’s definitely a one of a kind!

10. GemStoneKing White Gold Pink Tourmaline & Diamond

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To end our list of the top ten tourmaline rings we thought we’d choose this classic style pink tourmaline and diamond ring!

This stunning ring features a dark pink tourmaline stone in the centre of the piece has been cut into an oval shape which is approximately 6mm long by 4mm wide. The piece also features a set of three stunning white diamond positioned either side of the pink stone. These sparkling stones have been shaped into a round single cut which are approximately 1.3mm long by 1.3mm wide. The setting of all these stone looks utterly breathtaking.

The band has been crafted from 14k white gold. This choice of material is very strong and the composition of this ring makes it extremely tough and suitable to wear on an everyday occasion. We think you’ll simply adore this ring however if you’re not 100% satisfied with your choice the jeweller will give you your money back. This ring is a really feminine and oozes class. If you like the sound of this and are happy with the high price tag, purchase this ring today.

How to best care for your tourmaline ring?

Even though a tourmaline stone is a very durable it’s still important that you care for your crystal and keep it looking new. The best way to achieve this is by storing it in a soft velvet pouch when not being worn. This will not only prevent any scratches but will stop it getting damaged by your other jewellery. Another top tip is to ensure that you remove your ring before it becomes in contact with any liquid cleaners or soaps. This will avoid the harsh chemicals causing the tourmaline stone to become dull.

Lagoon Tourmaline
Lagoon Tourmaline

Chlorine and bleach are another solution that needs to be kept away from your precious crystal because these can cause the tourmaline to erode. The best way to clean your tourmaline jewellery is to wash it in water and dry it using a soft cloth. Tourmaline stones don’t like high heats or any sudden changes in temperature so it’s best to keep them out of these environments because it could result in a fracture to your crystal.

When buying your tourmaline crystal, what makes it a quality gemstone?

There are a few things to be aware of when buying your tourmaline crystal which we have detailed below:

Colour: it’s important to look at the colour of your tourmaline stone. The gem will be available in a variety of shades however some colours will be more undesirable than others. Green, red and blue are undertone’s of grey, brown or yellow so inclusions of these colours in will affect the value of your piece.

Hold its colour: it’s very important that your crystal holds its colour, particularly when the gemstone is exposed to different types of light.

Enhancement status: before buying your tourmaline stone it’s important to check the enhancement status. Tourmaline stones are either not enhanced or are minimally enhanced which means they have received heat treatment. It’s important to stay away from tourmaline stone that have received a type of dye enhancement. These stones would be labelled with a D.

Buying process: If you want to buy a quality tourmaline gemstone you’ll expect to pay much more per carat for a higher quality stone with a good cut, clarity and colour than one which isn’t.

Custom cut: if you can, try to get a custom cut. This will maximise the brilliance, colour and fire of your stone.