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A Blue Topaz Necklace? Yes Please!

last updated: Jan 09, 2020

Blue topaz is an incredibly versatile gemstone that is both impressively strong as well as stunningly beautiful! It is hard to go wrong with a blue topaz necklace and it even comes in multiple different shades to best match your preferences.

Sky blue topaz is very light and pale for an icy look. London blue topaz, often the most popular, is a deeper somewhat darker blue color that resembles blue diamonds. Finally, Swiss blue topaz is super bright and really pops out to grab your attention!

You’ll find some options with each one of these blue topaz stones in our recommendations below! You’re definitely going to lose it for these amazing blue topaz necklace choices!

Our Top 10 Picks!

1. Carleen London Blue Topaz Necklace

Carleen London Blue Topaz Necklace
Carleen London Blue Topaz Necklace on Model
Carleen Certificate of Authenticity
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Our first choice is this stunning option from Carleen Jewelry. With an HQ in Manhattan, New York, Carleen Jewelry is an incredible family-owned company that has been creating high-quality jewelry pieces for generations!

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This particular blue topaz necklace has a very feminine and even somewhat modern look to it.

It comes on a dainty sterling silver chain that can be easily adjusted between three different lengths according to your specific preferences and the look that you’re going for.

The lobster-claw clasp makes it easy to put on and take off even on your own. The sterling silver of the chain and the base of the pendant is all 925 sterling silver.

This means that it is great quality because it is mostly pure silver with a small amount of metal alloy mixed in for strength and durability. You get enhanced strength without giving up that gorgeous silver look.

Finally, the pendant of this lovely necklace is breathtakingly beautiful. Hanging down from the chain itself, the top of the pendant consists of a gently curling band of sterling silver.

The band curves off to the left slightly before curling back and around and then hanging down and curling back to the center.

At the very end of the curl, hanging at the middle of your chest, there is a sweet little blue topaz stone. The stone is natural, 100% genuine blue topaz. It has a great cut and very pretty sparkle to it.

The shape of the stone is round and it is held in place securely by 4 silver mounting prongs. On the front of the curling band of silver, you’ll also find that there are tiny clear cubic zirconia stones inlaid.

These look excellent with the sterling silver and provide the absolute perfect touch to the stone at the bottom of the pendant. This even happens to be one of our most affordable picks!

2. Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Blue Topaz Teardrop & Diamond Necklace

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Another very lovely option with just a slightly larger pendant is this beautiful piece from the Black Bow Jewelry & Co. You’ll find several necklaces from this company on our list because of their incredible designs, versatility, and quality!

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This one, like most of our picks, is also made with sterling silver. The way silver looks with blue topaz is just divine. This necklace does cost a little more but is definitely still very reasonably priced.

The pendant features a slightly abstract teardrop shape. The silver curves up on each side from the smooth, rounded bottom of the teardrop. Then, instead of coming to a sharp point at the top, the two sides cross over each other and curve around in a unique pattern that is elegant and modern.

At one point, part of one of the sides widens at the top layer of the crossing silver sections. Here you’ll find 2 natural diamonds.

They are parallel to each other and touching while running diagonally across the pendant. This all looks so incredible with the perfect Swiss blue topaz stone at the bottom center of the pendant.

The cut is pure perfection, and the stone appears to balance at the bottom of the silver teardrop shape. It almost looks like it is floating. It is actually held in place, though, by 4 strong silver mounting prongs. The Swiss blue of this topaz stone is bright and eye-catching.

The pendant hangs on a very interesting and unique sterling silver chain. The chain is a block chain style.

This gives it a different look for perfect unique detail. The chain is 18 inches long but also features a special 2-inch extender section. This allows you to easily adjust the exact length of your necklace.

3. ELDA & CO. Swiss Blue Topaz Necklace

ELDA & CO. Swiss Blue Topaz Necklace
ELDA & CO. Swiss Blue Topaz Necklace on Display
ELDA & CO. Swiss Blue Topaz Necklace on Model
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Here is another gorgeous blue topaz necklace choice! This option comes from Elda&Co. The piece is very interesting and makes a really wonderful gift for any woman that you love from your partner to your mother or sister.

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The pendant features a sterling silver heart coated in gorgeous 18k white gold!

The heart is made up of cubical bands that turn and curve together to create a delicate heart shape with a lot of interest in it. The heart hangs down so that it appears to sit on its side.

On the upper side of the bottom section of the heart shape, there is a fine row of cubic zirconia stones inlaid into the band. They are clear in color and beautifully cut in a way that keeps them sparkling just like real little diamonds.

There is a dozen of these little stones that accent the pendant perfectly. Then, on the top section of the white gold heart, there are words engraved and coated in black to allow them to stand out for easy reading. The words say, “I love you to the moon and back.”

This is a very popular and well-loved saying perfect for anyone that you really love. It is special with a lot of great meaning behind it. The words curve around the edges of the band for an extra nice touch.

In the very center of the heart, you’ll also see a small white gold crescent moon shape. This is the perfect little piece to go along with the saying on the heart shape of the necklace.

It not only ties the theme of the necklace together nicely, but it also looks absolutely precious there in the middle of the white gold heart.

Finally, to take this unbelievably beautiful design a step further, there is a bright Swiss blue topaz stone mounted elegantly into the center of the necklace.

It appears to be held in place by the little crescent moon. The moon holds one side of the stone almost like a cradle. Then, there is a single mounting prong on the opposite side of the stone to help secure it safely in place.

The stone is round in shape and has an incredible cut to it. The entire pendant sparkles beautifully on the delicate chain.

The chain measures at 18 inches long and also includes a convenient 2-inch extender section for simple adjustment to the perfect length for your preferences. Even with the white gold inclusion, this is still a very affordable choice!

4. Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Diamond & Blue Topaz Necklace in 14k White Gold

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This option features a gorgeously sparkly pendant with a subtle design that still grabs attention without being too over the top. This is a very high-quality option made of all completely genuine materials.

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This means the price is definitely a decent bit higher on this option. However, when you take into consideration the quality of the materials and the incredible craftsmanship, it really can’t be beaten. The necklace is made from 14k white gold.

There is no plating, it is just solid white gold. The white gold chain is made with a very small block chain style design. This creates a smooth and full but also thin and delicate look that ties in wonderfully with the high-end pendant.

This lovely pendant features a genuine blue topaz stone at the bottom. The stone is oval-cut and pretty large relatively speaking. It is about 1.25 carat in size. This means that it measures 6mm long and stretches 6mm across.

It is held securely in place onto a white gold backing by 4 white gold mounting prongs. Then, all round the topaz, you'll find 16 natural diamonds.

The chain of the necklace loops through these bands to hold the necklace together nicely. All in all, it is a very lovely jewelry piece if you are looking for a slightly higher-end necklace.

5. HXZZ Fine Jewelry Angel Wings Pendant Necklace

HXZZ Fine Jewelry Angel Wings Pendant Necklace
HXZZ Fine Jewelry Angel Wings Pendant Necklace on Display
HXZZ Fine Jewelry Angel Wings Pendant Necklace Detail
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Another great and very interesting pick from HZXX is this adorable angel wing heart necklace. This option is certainly more casual than our last pick but still very pretty and nice. It is a good bit more affordable coming in around the middle of our picks in regards to cost.

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The chain and pendants of the necklace are made from 925 sterling silver for affordable durability.

A lovely 18k white gold plating on top of the strong sterling silver gives a very smooth and pretty look to the necklace without causing the price to go way up.

Rather than consisting of a single pendant on a chain, this piece consists of three different pendants that all connect together. The two pendants on the sides of the center pendant each connect to different ends of the chain.

Altogether, this actually makes the pendant a part of the chain connecting the necklace together rather than just dangling off the center of the chain. The center pendant is a lovely Swiss blue topaz stone!

The stone is cut into a very sweet and smooth little heart shape with amazing sparkle and shine.

The bright gemstone is accented wonderfully by a halo of little cubic zirconia stones in a matching heart shape. This completes the center pendant. Then, off to each side, there is an addition pendant that goes from the heart to the edge of the chain of the necklace.

Each one of these pendants is a small angel wing! This creates the look that the heart actually has wings. The wings are beautifully designed with delicate swirling designs along the bottom of them.

On the top of each wing, there is a smooth curve. This curving section is filled with a row of cubic zirconia stones that match the halo of the heart shape. A spring ring clasp on the necklace is simple and easy to use.

6. JewelryPalace Snowflake Blue Topaz Necklace

JewelryPalace Snowflake Blue Topaz Necklace
JewelryPalace Snowflake Blue Topaz Necklace on Display
JewelryPalace Snowflake Blue Topaz Necklace Metals
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For a perfect winter necklace, check out this magnificent snowflake option from JewelryPalace This amazing piece is wonderfully designed and even extremely affordable as one of the least expensive options on our entire list!

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The pendant is designed as a stunning snowflake made up of blue topaz, sterling silver, and cubic zirconia.

At the very center, there is a lovely square-cut Swiss stone. The stone is on its side at an angle to give it more of a diamond shape look. Extending out in 6 different directions all around this center stone, there are silver pillars. Each one is symmetrical to the others.

The pillars expand out from the center before splitting into two directions to create a ‘V’ shape at the top. Then, in the ‘V’ shape of each one of the silver pillars, there is another stone mounted. Each one of these 6 stones is in the marquise cut.

The pointed ends face the ‘V’ and the opposite point faces out pointing away from the center of the pendant. These stones are slightly smaller than the center square stone but match it perfectly in color and sparkle.

The entire pendant has a very nice symmetrical look just like the most perfect snowflake. It all hangs on a smooth, block style chain. The chain measures 18 inches long for a nice classy necklace that hangs down just past your collar bone.

The necklace is perfect for the winter months, but really can work anytime you want to wear it!

7. GemStar USA Cross Heart Pendant Necklace

GemStar USA Cross Heart Pendant Necklace
GemStar USA Cross Heart Pendant Necklace Profile
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For anyone more in touch with their spiritual side, here is a perfect cross necklace featuring some very pretty sky gemstones! This option comes from Gemstar USA and is very affordable for most budgets.

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The pendant is a simply designed cross shape. It is all made from 925 sterling silver. The cross has squared ends and straight lines. The entire silver cross is also filled with small cubic zirconia stones.

The stones are clear just like little diamonds and sparkle brilliantly. There is one row of these little cubic zirconia stones that runs vertically across one section of the cross and another that runs horizontally along the other section of the cross.

Then, around the center, there is a stunning little silver heart that hangs around the middle. The heart is very feminine and delicate looking. It appears that it has been placed right onto the cross, but it is actually held securely in place.

At the center of the heart and cross, there is a beautiful sky stone mounted with 4 silver mounting prongs that come up from the back of the cross shape.

This sky blue is very soft and light. It almost resembles ice in a way. It has a delicate look to it that goes wonderfully with the rest of the design.

The chain, a simple rolo chain in silver, is 18 inches long and goes straight through the top of the cross rather than being attached by a separate link. This creates a clean look and gives more stability overall since there is never any worry about that in between link failing.

A simple spring ring clasp is easy to use as well. This is a sweet and simple way to display your faith!

8. Black Bow Jewelry & Co. Blue Topaz Teardrop Necklace

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Our final Black Bow Jewelry & Co. pick is absolutely beautiful. If you want a truly very pretty necklace, this one is perfectly designed. It is mid-priced, so it is relatively affordable and very nice quality overall.

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This features a simple chain that is thin and dainty for a subtle look of femininity. The chain is 18 inches long but it also features a small 2-inch extender section. That way, it is easy for you to adjust it to your preferred length.

The chain, as well as the base of the pendant, is made of 925 sterling silver for beautiful durability. At the center of the pendant, there is a bright Swiss stone mounted.

It is oval in shape and appears to be almost floating at the center of an oval-shaped ring of sterling silver that creates the outside edges of the pendant. Marquise shapes in sterling silver sit at the top, the bottom, the left, and the right of the center stone.

All around the blue topaz stone, there are additional silver details. These consist of lovely swirls of silver moving between the edges of the silver oval and the edges of the gemstone.

They all swirl out in the same way to create a nice, clean, and symmetrical appearance for the necklace.

The pendant is held on securely by a strong link. The link is also silver and quite thick at the top and then getting a little thinner near the bottom. It also has some carefully cut holes in it to further add a little bit of extra interest to the piece.

9. Ice Gems Three-Stone Journey Necklace

Ice Gems Three-Stone Journey Necklace
Ice Gems Three-Stone Journey Necklace Size
Ice Gems Three-Stone Journey Necklace on Display
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Ice Gems has created this marvelous option that is ideal for more formal occasions! This is a very pretty choice that adds so much to any outfit. The gemstone used is sky blue topaz.

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This is the lightest of all options and we really think you’re going to love the way it looks in the design of this necklace.

The sterling silver of the pendant twists down and appears to curl around the stones of the necklace. It is very delicate looking and highly feminine.

The main stones are all the sky blue topaz that looks almost like pale blue ice. The stones all hang down one below another. The top stone is the smallest, the middle stone is a little bit larger, and the bottom stone of the pendant is the largest stone.

The silver appears to wrap around the edges of each one, getting wider to match the size of the stones as it moves down the pendant. At the very bottom, the last bit of silver appears to drip off the bottom of the largest stone.

All along with the silver that twists around the stones, there are also much smaller diamond-like stones inlaid.

This gives additional shine and sparkle while accenting the larger stones in the most beautiful way. There are well over a dozen of these tiny little accent stones within the design.

The pendant hangs down on a simple chain that measures in at 18 inches long. What is really surprising is that this option is one of our cheapest picks on the whole list!

10. Gem Stone King London Blue Topaz Necklace

Gem Stone King London Blue Topaz Necklace
Gem Stone King London Blue Topaz Necklace on Display
Gem Stone King London Blue Topaz Necklace on Model
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Here we have what is easily the highest-end option on our entire list. This absolutely brilliant necklace is simply unbeatable when it comes to quality. It comes from Gem Stone King, which is definitely a favorite of ours because of beautiful designs with high-quality materials and reasonable pricing.

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Even though the pricing is completely reasonable for what you’re getting here, this option is, by far, the most expensive pick on our entire list. It is very nice and well worth the cost, though.

The main feature is an absolutely magnificent London stone. This natural topaz stone is huge at 12mm across and 12mm tall. The cushion-cut of the gemstone is very sophisticated and adds a very valuable look to the necklace.

The cut is absolutely brilliant and very sparkly. This is accented perfectly by the real natural white diamonds all along the edges of the cushion-cut gemstone.

This halo of diamonds is all mounted perfectly to keep the look of the necklace very clean.

There are 32 of the little diamonds within the halo around the larger central stone. They go together so perfectly!

The pendant has a base of 10k white gold and hangs from a matching white gold chain. The chain features a simple twist design that further adds to the sophistication of the necklace.

This really is an absolutely beautiful pick perfect if you’re looking for the highest quality and best materials possible for your piece of jewelry!


We hope that our blue topaz necklace selection is everything you've been looking for!

We made sure to pick necklaces of the highest quality, with certified blue topaz and made of metals such as gold and sterling silver.

We included a variety of styles and designs, from classic teardrop pendants to modern, heart-shaped ones!

Finally, our list includes options that are super budget-friendly as well as high-end pieces so regardless of your budget, there is something in our list for you!