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Turtle Necklace Selection and Turtle Jewelry Meaning!

last updated: Mar 17, 2020

If you’ve always wanted a turtle necklace but don’t want to take the time to sift through pages and pages of them, you’ve landed in the right place since we have some gorgeous picks for you.

Slow and steady wins the race says the turtle, but we are going to make choosing your turtle necklace fast and easy.

Many of our choices are metal pieces only. Some include stones and gems, giving them a pop of color.

Some of these pops of color actually have meaning and purpose. We’ve done a little research letting you know what turtle necklaces symbolize and do for you (check our Style Tips section)!

Our 10 Favorite Turtle Necklace Picks!

1. Amazon Collection Genuine Green Jade Turtle Necklace

Amazon Collection Genuine Green Jade Turtle Pendant Necklace
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18 k gold-plated

Natural green jade stone

We love this whimsical jade turtle necklace! It is a gold necklace with a box chain and has a spring ring closure. This piece is yellow gold-plated over 925 silver. The pendant is 18K gold-plated.

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One of the really nice things about it is you can take the turtle off and swap it out with a different pendant. That gives you some versatility.

We don’t know why you would want to do that though since the turtle is a symbol of longevity and long life and it's that pretty. The Jade stone used for the shell is wrapped in a gold 18K cage.

The stone is specially cut for this pendant; it is held in by prongs on the back. The color is light green to a darker green.

The turtle is about the size of a quarter. The flippers and the tail extend from the shell. The attention to detail in this piece is spectacular.

The price for this pretty necklace is upper affordable. But, we don’t mind because of the quality and the beauty of the piece.

The chain is 18 inches and the metal weight is 1.84 g or 0.06 ounces. The stone weighs 11.75 carats.

2. Victoria Jewelry Blue Opal Sea Turtle Necklace

Victoria Jewelry Blue Opal Sea Turtle Necklace
Blue opal turtle necklace
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Real S925 sterling silver

Hawaiian design

Created opal

While the opal is the birthstone for October, we don’t care. This turtle necklace is so pretty you can wear it anytime, birthstone or not. The design is pure Hawaiian turtle necklace.

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The turtle is crafted to make it look like it’s hanging on the chain, or maybe it just wants to come along for the ride!

We don’t know the designers intent, but we do know we would wear this anytime. The chain’s a silver box chain. The turtle has exquisite detail on the flippers, feet, tail and head. It almost looks real! 

Also, there is detailing all the way around the shell. The blue opal used for the shell is wrapped in a silver 925 cage. This stone is a gorgeous blue green color, giving this turtle the look of the sea.

This gorgeous necklace is worth every dollar you will spend. It has a mid-price point which makes it attractive budget-wise as well.

This chain is 18 inches long. The stone is 0.04 carats.

3. Amazon Collection You and Me Crystal Critter Pendant Necklace

Amazon Collection Silver Plated You and Me Crystal Critter Pendant Necklace
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Genuine emerald and peridot stones

Made with 40 sparkling stones

Shed the thought that an emerald and peridot are the birthstones for the month of May. If you love green, this is your necklace. On the silver rolo chain, you get not one but two turtles!

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There is a mother with a baby on this pendant. The bigger turtle features an emerald pavé setting and the baby has the peridot.

Mom has a tail and baby does not; however,  each of them has front and back flippers. The mom is carrying the baby on her back which is a very adorable and a great design to symbolize the love between a mom and a daughter or son.

This is why we think this pick would make for a perfect gift for a mom either on her birthday or Mother's day!

There are 40 stones used in this setting and they are sure to give you sparkle and shine.

This piece is affordable and the necklace is 18 inches long; it is not adjustable.

4. Mevecco Gold Dainty Circle Necklace

Mevecco Gold Dainty Circle Necklace
Gold Dainty Turtle Necklace
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14K gold-plated

Lobster claw clasp

This is a beautiful gold turtle necklace. Both the chain and the pendant are 14K gold plated over high quality brass. It is lead and nickel free.

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The turtle is shaped in gold and the shell and the flippers are hollow (by hollow, we mean empty in the middle).

The pendant is an outline of a turtle and the flippers. The chain is a rolo chain; it is attached to the head and the tail of the turtle.

The turtle is directly opposite the clasp on the chain, so the pendant hangs in the center of your chest. The clasp is a lobster claw clasp which means it's super easy to put it on or take it off.

This would be a great piece to layer with a couple of other necklaces of varying lengths.

The price point for this turtle is very inexpensive. We think it's a steal if you take into consideration the quality of the material and the beautiful design!

The chain is 17 inches with a two inch extender. That gives you versatility from 17 to 19 inches in length.

The turtle pendant is 0.7 by 0.6 inches. It weighs about 4 grams, or 0.14 ounces.

5. DAOCHONG Sideways Turtle Necklace

DAOCHONG Sideways Turtle Necklace
Silver Sideways Turtle Necklace
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925 Sterling Silver

Dainty piece

Sits comfortably at the bottom of the neck

This pick is made from 925 stamped sterling silver (it is silver throughout and not mixed metals!).The unique feature about this piece is that the turtle pendant hangs off to the side of center.

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The chain is a rolo chain with a lobster claw clasp. The chain is attached to each of the front flippers. The turtle pendant is well detailed. You get only the outline of the turtle, but you can see detailing in both the shell and the flippers.

This is a choker type nec klace which means it will sit quite high on your neck. It's also a dainty piece, perfect for everyday wear!

This piece is affordable and therefore a great gift idea at any time. It's also perfect for both younger gilrs as well as women who like unique jewelry and quirky jewelry accessories!

The turtle size is 0.43 inches by 0.54 inches. The chain is 15 inches with a 3 inch extender. That gives you up to 18 inches in length.

6. Hawaiian Jewelry by Austaras - Honu Sea Hawaiian Turtle Necklace

Hawaiian Jewelry by Austaras - Honu Sea Turtle Pendant
Hawaiian turtle necklace
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316L polished stainless steel

Unisex piece

Lifetime guarantee

Get your Honu on; almost literally. Honu means Hawaiian green sea turtle and that's exactly what this piece is. This fantastic pick is made of 316L polished (surgical) stainless steel.

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The good news is that both men and women can wear it. The pendant is egg shaped and the outside is slightly raised, creating a border.

In the border are opposing wavy lines, giving the appearance of waves. The inside has a grainy look, giving the appearance of sand.

On top of the sand is the turtle. It is a solid piece except for the shell. The shell has two cutouts that fit together like a puzzle. The top of the pendant is held to the chain by a bale. The chain is a cable chain.

When you get this piece, you get jewelry with a deper meaning; the Hawaiian turtle symbolizes good luck and protection and therefore it's the perfect gift either for yourself or someone you love.

This very cool piece is upper affordable. We wouldn’t let that stop us though; the design is detailed and the company behind the brand stands for quality jewels. so much so that they offer a lifetime warranty on this piece!

Thieturtle necklace has a 16 inch chain and the pendant is 0.8 by 0.7 by 0.1 inches.

7. Sea Life Collection Honu Charm Hawaiian Turtle Necklace

Sea Life Collection Fine Sterling Silver Good Luck Honu Charm Hawaiian Sea Turtle Pendant Necklace
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925 sterling silver

Made in USA

Free gift packaging included

This particular silver Hawaiian turtle necklace is very pretty. It’s 925 sterling silver through and through. The piece is made in the us and ships directly from the manufacturer.

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It has a beautiful polished finish. The chain is a rolo chain and has a spring ring clasp. The pendant is held to the chain by a bale and the bale holds the ring that attaches to the turtle’s mouth.

It is a solid piece with great detail. You can see the outlines on the shell and the flippers. The shell and flippers aren’t completely symmetrical, so it looks like the turtle is swimming!

The price point is creeping up from upper affordable. However, if you consider that you also get a free gift packaging option included when you buy this piece, it's worth your pennies.

The turtle pendant can be purchased in lengths of 16, 18, 20 and 22 inches.

The pendant is almost one inch tall and a bit over half an inch wide. It’s about as big as a penny. It weighs 1.90 grams, or 3.17 ounces.

8. AeraVida Abalone Shell Heart Turtle Necklace

AeraVida Love Life Sea Turtle Heart Abalone Shell .925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Heart Turtle Abalone Shell .925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
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925 Sterling Silver

Abalone shell stone

Handcrafted by artisans from Thailand

Isn't this pick just beautiful! It’s made of stamped 925 sterling, giving it authenticity. The piece of jewelry is handcrafted by Thai artisans which makes it even more unique!

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The head and flippers have really good detail. The flippers, head and tail have a checkered etching. The shell is a heart shape and there are two abalone shells inlaid in the shell.

They are opposing and opposite each other, fitting together like a puzzle. From the back, the shell has a concave shape, making it rounded like a turtle shell. A ring is in the mouth and a bale attaches to it.

The bale is attached to a cable chain. There is a round spring ring clasp.

The necklace is super affordable and perfect for those with a limited budget on their hands.

The turtle pendant is 0.75 inches wide and 1.02 inches long including the bale. It weighs 3.9 grams, or 0.13 ounces. The chain is 18 inches long.


3D Animal Pendant
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18K yellow gold-plated

3D design pendant

Now this piece of jewelry is a little unique.Instead of the turtle laying flat on the chest, it will be on its side, giving it a 3D effect!

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The turtle on this pendant necklace has a ring on the neck that holds it to a larger jump ring. The cable chain runs through the jump ring.

The entire necklace is sterling silver 18K yellow gold plated. The turtle is more unique because it details etched on both the top and under sides of the pendant.

Made by skillfull designer and jewelry makers at Juliette Collection, you get a piece of jewelry which will stand time and be perfect for everyday wear. Considering the affordable price point, it would be a great gift!

Being beautifully dainty, the piece is also perfect for layering with other animal-themed necklaces or different length pieces of your choice.

This turtle’s chain is 18 inches.

10. Betsey Johnson Long Necklace with Turtle Pendant

Betsey Johnson Women's Sea Excursion Long Necklace with Turtle Pendant
Betsey Johnson Turtle Pendant
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Designer piece

Magnetic closure

Glass pearls

Now this turtle necklace has a few surprises. First, if you’re looking for a longer piece, this is it. The turtle pendant hangs below the cleavage!

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Then, the clasp on the box chain is magnetic, which is something we don’t see that often. Finally, the turtle is actually a locket.

When opened, it reveals a gold tone chain with a turquoise starfish and glass pearls in what looks like a bed of sand.

Now, for the outside. The flippers are scraped for some detail and they are not symmetrical, giving the illusion of swimming.

The shell has a white border and the shell itself is green with crystal accents. There is gold checkerboard on the shell and at each intersection is a crystal. This is a very thoughtful statement piece!

This necklace has a mid price point.

The chain length is 29 inches and it has a 3 inch extender. The pendant is two inches tall and 1.5 inches wide.

This is a great piece if you want or need something longer.

Criteria Used for Evaluation


We have quite a few criteria we use while picking our pieces. For these picks, the main one was, of course, turtles…and…awesomeness when it comes to style!

We wanted to show you pieces that were pretty and attractive. Let’s face it…if your turtle necklace doesn’t look awesome and doesn’t match anything you wear, you won’t wear it. We wanted pieces that were going to look great on you and reflect your personal style.

Wear Comfort

Another criterion was ease of wear. We didn’t show you anything too heavy and in fact, all were the total opposite.

The bottom line is, with our picks, we want you to be comfortable all the way around. We want your jewelry to be something you look forward to wearing, or it’s a waste of your money.

Jewelry Metal & Gemstone Quality

We wanted to bring you items that were sturdy and, wore well. With the proper care, these pieces will bring you years of love and great wear.

Necklaces are always going to be in style. And whether you are environmentally friendly and want to wear your necklace for a cause or you just love turtles, we wanted to show you turtle necklaces that will last you a long time.

In the end, nothing brings more satisfaction than getting a good deal. These items will give you great value for the money you’ll spend. When cared for properly, our picks will flatter you, wear well and last a long time.

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The meaning behind the gemstones: peridot and emeralds

One of the gems in our list is the peridot stone. Cleopatra’s emerald collection turned out to be peridot. Egyptians called this stone the “gem of the sun”. It’s also the August birthstone and the stone to give if you’re celebrating 16 years of marriage.

Some believe if the gem is set in gold that it may dispel nightmares and bad dreams. Others think it will aid friendship and free the mind of envious thoughts.

Added to that, there’s the thought that it helps with the liver, digestion, depression, the heart, self-esteem, anger, and can act as a security blanket. If it can do all these, it’s quite a powerhouse!

Emeralds are also included in some of our jewelry picks. The emerald is to improve eyesight, memory, and intelligence, maintain chastity, heal the flesh, skin and cardiovascular system, and is associated with the skeletal system as well.

It is supposed to cure many ailments such as colic, burns, headaches, influenza, epilepsy, high blood pressure, cancer, and many, many, more.

The meaning behind the gemstones: jade, opal & abalone

Jade is another gem in our picks. It comes in various shades of green and is an ornamental mineral. Wearing jade is a symbol of purity and purification.

It is also a symbol of gentleness and nourishment. Some feel that just being around it gives them feeling of being balanced and nurtured.

It’s also purported to aid in the body’s filtration and elimination organs, aids kidneys and adrenal glands, removes toxins, and rebinds the skeletal system and cellular systems. And we’ve only scratched the surface of jade!

The blue opal is said to aid love and relationships, money and business, boost confidence, sensitivity, peace and problem solving. When wearing it you may feel tension and stress decrease, your courage boosted, and feel more creative.

The abalone shell is said to help replenish the soul. It brings healing and soothing energy, allowing you to connect with the energy of the ocean. Fun fact: Abalone is a type of mollusk (like a clam) and folks eat their contents.

With all of that, how can you go wrong? Just like a turtle is at home in its own shell, you are going to be so comfortable wearing your turtle necklace, you may just want to live in it!


q: What is S925 Silver?


S925 indicated that the piece is sterling silver.

q: What is jade?


Jade is an ornamental mineral that is usually green in color.

q: What does it mean when a gemstone is created?


It means that the natural stone has been reproduced synthetically to look like it’s real. It’s a chemical process.

q: Are emerald and peridot the same?


No, they aren’t. Obviously, they are different shades of green. Peridot is less expensive than an emerald.

It’s hard to find an emerald that is eye-clean which is why they’re more expensive, while and eye-clean peridot is more abundant.

Emeralds usually are subjected to various treaments to improve clarity, while peridot are good from the start. Peridot is softer than an emerald.

q: What is eye-clean?


Eye-clean means that you can’t see any flaws with the naked eye.

q: What is gold-plated or rose gold-plated?


Generally this means a piece was made of an alloy and is coated with a more precious metal. When a piece is coated with gold or rose gold, it is less expensive than one made entirely of the precious metal.


The turtle has many adventures during its lifetime and comes back wiser and stronger. Just like a turtle, you will come out wiser and stronger after scanning our pics. We have made it that easy!

From here, it’s all up to you. You will need to take care of your necklace. If you want to keep your pieces for a long time, there are several guidelines to follow.

Most of the guidelines are standard for taking care of any type of jewelry. We can offer a few tips, however.

Make sure not to get lotion, perfume or any type of chemical onto your necklace. Don't shower with it. If you want to clean it, use a soft cloth and an appropriate jewelry cleaner.

When you wear your turtle necklace with confidence and style you will look gorgeous.

The turtle is a symbol of longevity and health. Whether you wear your piece for that reason or just because you like turtles, you’ll be in style from the get go