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Looking For a Father’s Day Gift? Check Our Men’s Wooden Rings Selection!

Anna Anna 12 Mar 2020 3579

Glass, ceramics, and gemstones are materials that have become staple over the years when it comes to making jewelry items. Some of them are sparkly and will give you the glam you so much crave. But not everyone like the glamorous looks that some jewelry offer and they would rather have something cool that brings out an effortlessly classic look for them. When talking about the classic look you can’t avoid mentioning wooden rings.

This is why we bring you this wooden rings for the men category.

The rings are great for any occasion, and they look remarkable whether you have a flannel shirt on, or leather jacket/suit. It won’t matter because the ring would go well with any of them.

They are also available in a lot of varieties so you can choose the one that you now would bring smiles to the face of your father as Father’s day draw close.

It would be a sign of how much love you have for him when he unwraps that tiny little package and sees a big love within.

Check out the fantastic things that you might not have heard before about wooden rings; we even went a bit further to add items that you can quickly pick from.

Our 10 Favorite Picks of Wooden Rings!



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Our first product on this list is from one of the best brands that we found making wooden rings. They have perfected the art and craft of making this product and the expertise invested in each ring is obvious. This particular piece is a mixture of materials that are excellently balanced to produce not only a great look but a great user experience that would last for years.

The first element used is Koa wood; this is one of the most reliable forms of wood that you can find. And it’s not on its own. There is an inlay in the ring done with material like antler, zebra wood, and hunting arrows.

You would also love the cold feel of the finish made with tungsten carbide for infusing anti-scratch properties into the ring. It is excellent for almost all normal daily activities without having to take it off.

Dimensionally, the width is 6mm to 8mm, and it is a perfect fit for everyone. When describing this ring, words like the unique, fantastic design and charming would be surely used. This is why you wouldn’t want to miss getting this for your dad on Father’s day. It is also affordable so you can get it without adjusting your budget.

Other info: it comes in different band size, so make sure you check yours before ordering online.

2. TIGRADE Deer Antlers Piece

TIGRADE Deer Antlers Wooden Rings

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Fathers are worth all the love we can give them and even though we have been caring for them all year round, Father’s day presents you with an opportunity to spoil them with more love.

With a gift like this ring from Tirade, we are sure they won’t be disappointed. It is a combination of quality components that rhyme perfectly. And with a build that is awe-striking, we can only say your father would be surely impressed with this piece.

Most times wooden rings are combined with stronger elements to increase their appeal and strength. The material used for this option is antler wood, and it inlaid with titanium. There is also a dose of turquoise set around the center of the band to make it look more amazing than it already is.

You would love the proper arrangement from the craftsmen of the brand. They have an eye for aesthetic, and they made this ring with that inspiration. The titanium part is smoothly polished for dazzling appearance and maximum comfort. Additionally, the wood has a layer of resin to make it waterproof.

If your father loves those occasional dips in the pool or is very active, then this option is perfect for him.

It doesn’t need to be taken off, and you would love the brilliant shine that it gives off with its perfect finish. The price is excellent for the quality you are getting, so don’t miss this opportunity to get quality for such a small amount.

Other info: it is available in two 6 millimeters and 8-millimeter width. The diameter of the band also varies, so make sure you measure your finger before buying one.

3. Nuncad Handmade Domed Black Band

NUNCAD Handmade Genuine Crushed Fire Opal Tungsten Wedding Ring with Hawaii Koa Wood Domed Black Size 6-14

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We couldn’t take our eyes off the image of this ring when we saw it, and we wanted to show it to you as soon as possible.

The intricate layer of beauty that surround the piece is astounding, and you can already see your father’s face lighting up as he takes the ring and wears it on his finger, it would be the best Father’s day he has had in years.

It is not only beautiful, but it is also durable, reliable and highly affordable.

Made from double Hawaii Koa wood, it is as good as wooden rings come. There are materials like genuine fire opal to form a beautiful in-lay, and then there is also the tungsten carbide used for making the inside very smooth and durable.

It is hypoallergenic and won’t cause rashes around the fingers of your dad.

You can get it with a Nuncad velvet box to help your father keep the ring safe anytime he is not wearing it, and it can also double as a gift wrap, so you don’t have to go through that again.

To guarantee you of the excellent quality you are getting, it comes with a lifetime warranty, and before that, there is a 30-day money back or exchange card. You would not be needing all of these as we are sure that this would last a lifetime.

Other info: there are different band sizes for the rings so you can choose one according to your finger size.

4. King Will Nature Koa Piece

King Will Nature Koa Wood Inlay Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring 8mm Rose Gold High Polished Comfort Fit

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King Will are professionals when it comes to making wooden rings. They have all the set of skills required to create shapes, sizes and infused each of their product with a breathtaking appeal. Which is why we picked out this piece as a gift for your father. It has exquisite components spend there are special additions that make it worth every single penny you spend on it.

Tungsten carbide is a material infused into some jewelry to leave you with a durable and stable feel.

They are not harmful to the skin so you can trust them not to get your skin to react negatively while sitting there. And this is what King Will used to create this option.

There is an inlay of Koa wood also that makes you remember good times with its perfect finish. The color of the whole piece is rose gold, and we can confidently tell you that rose gold has never looked more beautiful than it seems on this ornament.

It comes in a jewelry box so you can save money on gift wraps. Your dad would also be able to store and make sure it last longer. Don’t worry, the price is within the affordable range, so get one for Father’s day now.

Other info: it is available from size 6 – 15, so you would undoubtedly find yours in the collection.

5. Metal Masters Co. Men’s Black Ceramic Option

ceramic ring

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Here at Jewelry Jealousy, we deliver on our promises and when we say we have nothing but the best for you, we mean every single word. This option from Metal Masters Co looks pretty amazing with the suave texture and smooth finish.

The blend of colors and aesthetic features make it top of the line. There is so much to say about this piece and why it would be a wonderful gift for Father’s day.

Crafted with an inlay of Koa wood, it is made with maximum comfort in mind. There is a black ceramic used to adorn the inside so that it doesn’t react with your fingers and adds strength to the whole thing.

You would also love the flat top which is made to be anti-scratch. One thing you don’t have to worry about when it comes to ring like this is an attack from the elements. They are immune to rust and cracks.

It is 9 millimeters wide which is just enough to adorn your fingers without being overbearing. It comes at an affordable price, and you also get a free ring box when you get one for your Dad.

Other info: check your finger size before ordering one and make sure that you select your band size from the long list available.

6. Three Keys Jewelry White Ceramic Option

Three Keys Jewelry 8mm White Ceramic Wedding Ring with Hawaiian Koa Wood Inlay Men's Wedding Band Engagement Ring

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For our sixth option in this list, we got something that would keep you on your toes while you are waiting for the order to arrive.

It is not only exquisite but it has a majestic appearance that infuses excellent build with a perfect blend of charm to create something extraordinary. It is made with the very best of materials and would have your father loving it on it for the rest of his life.

Most of the options here are supported with materials like ceramics to increase their strength and make them more comfortable. This is no exception; it has a ceramic design with the Koa wood as inlay. They also used a resin finish to make sure that it is waterproof and durable.

To round off a fantastic design, there are engraved three keys symbols inside the band.

The width is 8 mm, and it is 2.4 millimeter. You can count on the gift to make your father glow with pride as he rocks the innovative piece. The price is not on the high side so you can get one for him at very short notice.

Other info: it is available in a band size of 7 – 14, and it isn’t resizable.

7. CoolNaturalJewelry Mahogany Ring

CoolNaturalJewelry Mahogany Ring


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If you want something that would be able to carry the initials of your father inside the band, then we also got you covered. This ring form CoolNaturalJewelry comes with a personalized design.

An authentic wood that is very durable was used to craft the piece, and the brand has expert craftsmen that can use specialized equipment to inscribe your name inside the piece.

The wood used is mahogany, and in case you are thinking of the strength of the wood, don’t worry the brand also did. That is why the material is polished with pure beeswax and carnauba wax. The piece is unique, eco-friendly and designed to make sure that you see the accurate color.

It does not contain any silicone, and you can get it delivered to you fast in a well-packaged gift box.

This is one personalized ring that got a lot of fantastic reviews from previous users. You can get it in 2 to 3 days, and its natural minimalist design is great for dads who want something that feels natural. The price is suitable for any budget.

Other info: it is in available from width size 4 – 10 millimeters

8. 100S JEWELRY Tungsten Ring

100S JEWELRY Tungsten Rings for Men Wedding Band Koa Wood Inlaid Dome Edge Comfort Fit Size 6-16

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One thing about wooden rings is that they are great for any occasion and they fit any outfit quite remarkably.

You don’t need to be choosy about the accessory you complement them with either. 100S jewelry ring has a done edge that features terrific design and perfect component to create this classic look that is breathtaking. You can get this for your father and show him that all the love he has is not lost on you.

The first material that stands out in this price of the Koa wood that stands body at the middle round about the band. It comes to a thick tungsten carbide shell that makes it durable and adds to the already beautiful build.

The 8-millimeter band is excellent for maximum comfort, and you get to wear it ion the pool, bathtub or even to the beach if you want to.

Father’s day is unique to all fathers, and whether he is still in his 50s, 60s or 70s, we are sure he would appreciate a piece like this. You can order for your now by clicking the link and package it smoothly in a lovely gift box.

Other info: the band size is available from size 6 to 16

9. Jstyle Ring

Jstyle Ring

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With a smooth inner surface, comfortable wear and high-tech titanium build, this is one piece that would do very well as a gift for Father’s day.

Created by Jstyle, the piece has this elegant aura around it, making it look excellent with attention-grabbing features. We want you to have the best, and you are indeed getting that when you choose this piece.

The elegant and crystalline look is made possible by epoxy craft. This means that the titanium is crafted using a wood pattern to make it look beautiful. It does not precisely have Koa wood inlay, mahogany or oak, but you can’t tell with the beautiful design that it sports.

Additionally, it is lightweight and will fit men of all ages.

The bandwidth is about 8 millimeter, and there is a vintage feel to the whole thing. For quality assurance, the brand takes it up a notch with a money-back guarantee that would last for 90 days after getting the item. You can bet on this one that it would make a perfect gift for Father’s day.

Other info: like all the other options on this list, this ring is also available in different sizes.

10. Fashion Month KOA Wood Piece

Fashion Month Mens 8mm Black Stainless Steel Ring Vintage Wedding Engagement Promise Band KOA Wood Inlay Comfort Fit

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Black rings are suddenly gaining popularity among men, and we want your father to have a feel of what they bring to the table.

This product is made to please the wearer, looking all cool and elegant. It has a high polished beveled edge that makes daily wearing convenient. We can say that everything that makes a perfect gift is present in this package.

Made with 316 L, there is an inlay of Koa wood in the ring. The 316L steel is the highest grade of steel. It is scratch resistant and hypoallergenic for the best experience. It is excellent for daily wearing and would not be fading at any time in the nearest future.

You would be amazed at how comfortable you feel with the ring around your fingers. You could make your father bring out his A-game as he rocks this on a sweater.

Click the link and check out how beautiful the piece looks. The price is excellent so no need to worry about spending all your savings on a gift package for your dad.

Other info: the size of is different, so you need to check for the one that fits your fingers best.

Why You Should Gift Your Father With a Wooden Ring for Father’s Day

Father’s day is a special day celebrated all over the world and dedicated to loving and caring fathers who have provided for their family all year long. The tradition started somewhere around West Virginia when a certain Mrs. Clayton asked her pastor to dedicate a particular Sunday to honor her father.

As many other people got the same idea, the wave started to build momentum and soon turned into a thing. This year’s Father’s day is almost upon us, and it would be simply remarkable if you have something to show your token of love for your father.

Men love jewelry too, and they wear necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even earrings. This is why we think these wooden rings would be a hit for your dad. They have this unique natural look that glosses over the eye when you look at them, and the unique charm is something to look forward to.

There is a wide array of them in various colors and different design. You can even get the one that is accented with certain metals round the band or other that have antique wood with fine polishing and excellent finish.

Komo Koa Jewelry

This type of rings originated from ancient times, from certain Egyptians who used it to beautify the hands of mummies. It was also found on the hand of some soldiers after the world war. One of the crafts used to carve the ring is known as ‘stem bending’, and it has been a method that dates back to antiquity for crafting baskets from willow branches.

There are many treatments done before a wooden ring is carved and the intricacies can fill up an e-book.

We don’t want to bore you with all the gory details, so we skip to the finely finished ring that will sit on your father’s finger for ages without suffering from the effect of the elements.

Some of the wood used to carve wooden rings include oak, rosemary, olive wood. All these are very strong and would make your ring durable enough. You can count on us to save you the stress of going to look for the perfect ring on the internet, and that we didn’t fail to deliver this time also.

How to Care of Wooden Rings

Your wooden jewelry need proper care to make sure that they last for very long and don’t suffer from cracks or any form of damage. This steps should help you keep them just as you got them and enjoy them for years to come:

Although wooden jewelry is durable and comes with a surface finish to make them water resistant. You should avoid prolonged contact with water.

You can clean your jewelry with olive and almond oil when they look a bit dry wipe your hands with antibacterial wipes when you take it off.

This tips should get you ready to go, and you can pass it on to your dad with the intended surprise.